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Citizens of Chimeron Proper have seen laborers place road markers around the country. They bear the heraldry of Clan Riverhawk. When questioned, they cite permission from Court Mage Janus.


In the town adjacent to the Royal Academy for Military Science, things are returning to normal following the disruptive events in September. There are mixed feelings among the town’s residents: many are happy to accept the risks that come with living alongside adventures; others remain tense and question if the city is as much of a fortress as was claimed.

[Eagle’s Rook]
A tower near the Eagle's Rook, Invictus, & Blackavar corner borders has finally drawn light once more, albeit bright blue. However, no one has been yet able to ascertain whether this is a magical influence, and therefore magic could be returning to Eagle's Rook; or that it could be something completely different and outside of a commoner's understanding. The Knight Commander is putting together a team of scouts, to hopefully figure out the mystery before the southern Kingdom of Chimeron's annual Black & White.

Those curious should contact the Knight Commander.

Tags: Unconfirmed, Historical Account
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