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[Across the Realms]
Those along the coasts of the Realms may hear of masons and carpenters receiving strange requests. Those who normally build lighthouses feel they’ve been asked about fortresses, and those who deal in the mundane have been left scratching their heads about impossible floor plans that the clients insist should be possible.

-Scrying Orb Now Recording-

“He wants an abridged version??”

indistinct fighting sounds in background

“KOSD very busy!

Blackavar expedition already paid for.

Please protect the contractors!”


Small white lights can be descending from the sky and landing at various points. A larger concentration of the lights have been falling in close to Voaraniss proper as well as in the north of Stonewood. Little else is known of the phenomenon as when the area is inspected there is nothing to be found.

Small bands of goblins have been seen traveling the road between Chimeron City and the Town of Moonhold. Passersby have kept their distances, and there are no reports yet of any attacks. In Moonhold itself, the townsfolk have seen goblins setting up booths at market, but few have gone close enough to see what's for sale.

As merchants return from sailing to Nangea, glowing seaweed has been found on the hulls of their ships. Initial attempts to clean it off led to people getting sick, but careening wharfs have since learned to take more care around this dangerous plant.


Pacifican merchants returning from Nangea report seeing unusually rough waters on their trips. Boats are needing repairs more often than normal due to all the storms.

It's been nearly six years since King Skyros rose to power, and the Pacifican people have started to wonder how much longer they will need to wait before they can finally see a royal wedding. Some suitors have made attempts, but thus far none have caught the King's interest.

The flow of trade continues unabated across the Vanfrost; the people of Midgard benefit greatly from the Realms' wares and luxuries and people across the southern nations are transfixed by Norlund's exotic products. However with all commerce comes some element of underground merchandise. In this case, it's been rumored that some dinosaur whelps have been secreted away from their homes and into the Realms to serve as exotic pets to the wealthy. A detachment of the Lion Militia has been stationed at the Vanfrost customs checkpoint to help abate this issue.

Exclusive story from the Raptor Rag! Allegedly, our Rex brought back a dream demon from his joyride on the luxurious Dreamliner. Maybe that cute Ooble isn't the only thing he brought back, or perhaps the Ooble is just a disguise! Our sources tell us that the dream demon is a risk taker, and that he's been seen plotting with our leaders!

For more on this story as it develops, keep reading the Raptor Rag—we're not afraid to go beak-to-beak with the people in power!

[Southern Wastes]
Sir Dagger of Blackwood accepts the people's choice to name SLIM of CrestGrath as its new Mayor. As of last year, SLIM is the current Mayor of CrestGrath. As one of his first acts as Mayor, he ordered the completion of the stone wall around the town. To pay for the construction in the remote Town of CrestGrath, SLIM offered free drinks and food to all who are actively working on the wall, mines and quarry for the duration of its construction.

The wall has only been 1/3rd complete for 18 years and in that time not a single stone was has been laid until now. Similarly, the Town Hall has been "under renovation" for a similar time. All town projects stopped when Sir Dagger of Blackwood, the prior Mayor, diverted all founds to construct the Library of CrestGrath around 18 years ago.

Residents of the town have mixed feelings about the renewed attention to the wall, yet the mayor insists that it will be constructed.
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