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[Across the Realms]
Posted in taverns across the realms

“To the adventurers of the realms,

Several of you have asked for ways you can aid us, and I said that I would let you know if we needed help. If that offer still stands, Sanctuary needs your help. The new wards you helped to construct last winter have been working tremendously. But it has come to my attention that something has gone wrong.

A refugee, who would usually be shown the way, cannot reach us. Pru is worried about what could be strong enough to block the wards and prevent access for a soul in need. So if you are willing to help, meet me on the 23rd of the Month of Mind (September), and I will open a door to get you as close as possible. If you have not taken them yet, the trials are open to you all, and may the Guardians be with you.

With thanks,

Larry Sanders

Elder of Protection”


Third- or fourth-hand rumors state some people have been getting usually bad hay fever this season, in which a sufferer sneezes so badly that they forget who or where they are for several minutes.


Did you hear that Edaonae is dead‽‽‽

More undead have been spotted in the Kingdom of Asteria. Local leaders work to assure the citizenry that everything is under control, but worry persists. Some speculate that members of the Paladins of the Celestial Flame have begun to fall under this necromantic influence.


Several unicorns have gone missing from the Asterian stables. There is a reward for their return. Please contact Princess Theofania with any leads.

[Castle Requiem]
A great door has appeared among the halls of Castle Requiem, from beyond which whispers tease the curious. Something about it is almost irresistible - surely beyond it is the power to destroy one’s enemies, to exact vengeance on those who have wronged you, to bring an end to even the most untouchable foe - or at least such are the thoughts that seem to enter the minds of those who gaze upon it.

The door must be opened, for it cannot possibly stay closed - it is inevitable as the flow of time that someone shall fall to its promises. It is better, then, that it be opened now, so that it is the strong of will who confront whatever horrors lie within…

Most Pacifican merchant ships have had to cease sailing to Nangea. The near-constant storms pose substantial risk of capsizing to all but their largest vessels. Some sailors are refusing to set sail at all, out of fear that their prayers to Calypso are falling on deaf ears.


Parts of the harbour in Nangea have been evacuated, for huge masses of glowing seaweed render the ports inaccessible from the sea. In addition to the humans fleeing from the seaweed menace, large migrations of wildlife inland have been spotted.


By working to recover more of Leyla's memories, Brimiri leaders have learned more about ley cores, and they have some guesses as to where to find more of the powerful cores.

[Unclaimed Land: Central Realms]
There is some sort of disturbance happening in unclaimed farmland to the north of Chimeron and west of the Barony of Banecroft. Travelers speak of disrupted late-summer harvests, and large figures cycling about in now abandoned fields.
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