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New Gods

This summarizes the gods, called Asir, known to preside over the world of Norlund. It is possible that some older gods survived Ragnarok, and they should be added here as they are discovered.

Major Asir

These Asir were directly created by efforts by members of the Realms in the halls of Asgard. They are considered siblings.


Domains: Fortitude, Thunder, and Vengeance
Patron plane: Nivelheim
Appearance and Motifs: He is towering and imposing, with alabaster skin, wears a fur cloak with armored plates. Carries a blue thunderbolt and a rune-emblazoned greatsword.


Domains: Storms, Defense, and Loyalty
Patron plane: Helheim
Appearance and Motifs: She is slender with fierce eyes, wears a long purple gown of cloth or feathers. Carries a shimmering shield conveying invincibility, and a long spear adorned with two linked gold rings.


Domains: Hope, Hearth, Community, the Stag
Patron plane: Jotunheim
Appearance and Motifs: He is slight, lithe, and quick, wears a cape made of leaves and vines that grow from his back. Golden antlers sit on his head, and he carries a threshing flail and a lantern.
Note: This is Dio, Gaia's child, reborn, and as such his essence exists somewhat outside of Norlund, but is a recognized god with particular domains there.


Domains: Saga, Reality, and Progression
Patron plane: Muspelheim
Appearance and Motifs: They are obscured by a flowing white robe and hood, but are said to swirl with fire. Their sandals look worn as if by many lifetimes. They hold a gigantic tome and a staff adorned with gemstones about which every color of the rainbow swirls.


Domains: Law, Freedom, and the Balance between the two
Patron plane: Svartalvheim
Appearance and Motifs: He is small compared to the others, and wears shining black plate armor, with a long braided brown beard visible. He is seen to concentrate, and holds a great scale and a cudgel. On his wrists are shackles with broken chains.


Domains: Luck, Fun, and lord of all Dinosaurs
Patron plane: Midgard
Appearance and Motifs: She is a dilophosaurus, a two-legged thunder lizard, with bright orange head frills and a surcoat of fine gold and silver threads embroided with a pair of dice showing ones.

Minor Asir

These Asir were created using aspects that remained in Asgard. They are considered children of the Major Asir.


Daughter of Crow
Domains: Dragons and Mermaids


Son of Lormar
Domains: Magic and Theatre


Son of Sovereign
Domain: Effort


Daughter of Sovereign
Domain: Adaptability


Son of Sovereign
Domain: Travel


Son of Graynar
Domain: Leadership


Daughter of Graynar
Domain: Night Sky
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