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Across the Realms]
"The Black Dagger" thief has been spotted again, some townsfolk claim that they saw a tail and horns. Others claim they saw the thief using magic. Guards are issuing warning for folks to protect their pockets and keep an eye out.

Another small group of refugees have come begging for the higher ups in Chimeron to grant them asylum and work; a few bear what look like dull-shaded emeralds in odd places (back of the hand, or side of the neck, or middle of the forehead, etc.). They hope to meet up with 'their kin' who have been let into the kingdom nearly a year and a half ago.

[Eagle’s Rook]
Another patrol has returned, three out of eight well and truly mangled, from the blue forest. The healers available have noted it will take some time for the patrol to return to active duty as all eight were downright disturbed or "shaken until they were sick" at what transpired.


A heavily armed column following a group of knights flying the banner of the Sable Dragon was spotted traveling the roads North of Eagles Rook. They appear to be headed towards the stronghold of the ancient lands of Blackavar, from which little has been heard for some time.

From Ivory's tall walls, one can see some of the peaks of the lower mountains, where strange lights (discolored and in random ribbons or trails) are appearing, disappearing, reappearing on clear nights. They are brightest when the moon is Full, and hard to spot when it is New. This is making some travelers uneasy, and most are choosing wisely to park it in the Blessed City of Light for the rest of the winter.

[Lost Kingdoms]
Travelers have been passing near the area once known as the Lost Kingdoms. They have reported increased activity in that area. Those who’ve dared to get close enough and those who have entered the borders have noted there are camps being set up and structures being built. None are reckless enough to venture close enough to see who or what is building them.

[New Illinar]
While one might find borders on a map via the cartographer, when traced by foot one is finding activity on said borders (which, originally green after the end of the Bedlam wars, are now overrun by Nature). Mostly, that what appears to be a tall outpost is being erected in the blistering cold and wind. To any ranger or engineer, this would seem folly, and yet there it is. No one has seen whom or what is constructing the outpost, however materials are moving around nonetheless.

[New Verai]
The people of New Verai are hard at work preparing for the upcoming feast. They are excited to welcome the people of the Realms back into their borders.
There is news of a new counsel. The Guildmasters Counsel is said to be making it premiere soon as soon as all officials are elected. The people are excited to get the chance to be represented in Government.
There have been some families from New Verai that are said to be headed west to Gau Dring. They are hoping to start anew and make a name for themselves or at least live a comfortable life.
There is still an arsonist on the loose within New Verai, but authorities say they have some leads.
Dame Twenaria and Lady Zarine have been seen in New Verai, though their business is not known.

Many of the ships that surrounded the island of Vanguard in Rathkeale have departed. Reports state the ships sailed southward, but no one saw where they came ashore, if at all. A few ships have remained to defend the fortified island.

The remains of a child have been put to rest via pyre, along with two other bodies that were found with no identifying markers. The governor has commented that, gods forbid, anyone else ends up meeting their makers in the winter that pyres or burials will have to wait until spring.
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