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On April 19th, the Full Pink Moon (also known as Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon), were-creatures of many persuasions found themselves dining more on eggs, chicken, and fish than what is usually considered healthy; many a village across the Realms reported some whole catches or collections going missing over-night with minor scratches or fumbled damage.

Eagle's Rook: A large memorial banner has been hung from the top spire, known as the Commander's Tower, of navy blue and rust, sporting the colors connected to the late Sir Vawn Coupant. Various smaller and simple ones can be found hanging in a window there, attached to a tree here. The people quietly mourn their leader and their country-folk also lost to the Summerlands, yet proudly tell the stories of the how and the why of it all.

On the Road, between Fey Reach ruins and Lhenrok ruins: goblinoid activity is being noted back and forth in greater numbers than usual, and merchants and other travelers are encouraged to perhaps consider hiring an adventurer or three to keep traveling groups safe from the green menace.

Chimeron Proper: a drunkard was turned over to the militia to sober up, but it oddly took three days for him to do so. He blubbered and snored and had odd bits of conversation with the cell walls, the most notable statements were: "The Strangers are Coming." "Meadow Crossing: building a better warrior since 980!" and "It was on October 27th, 990 that Prince Robert the Second left this mortal coil. And where does the fault lie? WHERE DOES THE FAULT LIE?"

Chimeron, general: It has been 21 years since Chimeron was invaded by the forces of the Nameless One. The Queen was kidnapped by the Nameless One after her wedding to Sir Callin of Folkestone, then. The County of Cawdyll was completely destroyed, as was Chimeron Castle, and Chimeron Town. Blackwater and Qua Terreth Nuuna were also sacked yet saved through Heroic effort. A new castle for Chimeron was erected, and little more than a week later the Nameless One's gate and her will to fight had been shattered. Baron Diamond of the Barony of Banecroft, Sir Shane of Curaidh of the land of Cawdyll, McKrye of Clan McKrye, and Sir Peregrin were among the few notable ones to gain victory against the Citadel and secure a better peace for Chimeron. This was during the reign of Queen Margurite, also known as Meg Quickfists, the Battling Barmaid, cousin to Oliver of Chimeron. The rumor, though, as the stories are retold and retold again: what actually happened to that gate?

Within the Realms: a small nondescript village in the unclaimed territory, near to the remains of Brandon's Pass in the south, is causing a bit of a stir at their good fortune: when raising a barn they dug up a brightly colored 'stick' that seems to cheer people within a certain closeness to it. It's residing with the family whose barn is about to be raised and bears odd symbols that glitter with ivory and gold.

Across the Realms: More and more people are being re-introduced to the humanoid race called the Gema (JEM-ah), as trading is their business and know-how. They are usually bedecked in accessories and jewelry of many types, however more startling is the placement of a solid jewel on the forehead, or on the back of the hand (for example). Not much more information has been found to go on yet.
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