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[Across the Realms]
Words in taverns are being spoken of Blackwood and Creathorne goods being shipped east over the great seas. Rumor has it that Creathorne and Blackwood are imperialising the Far East. This is the second large shipment to date leaving the Realms and it comes less than a year from the first. What are these shipments of silver, copper and lumber going toward? Are they being properly used or will Blackwood need to raise its taxes to pay for the venture and will Creathorne finally need to break its code and force its citizens to pay them?

Along the south-eastern border: A faerie creature is thought to blame for the ruining of natural Flora in the area that used to be known years back as Paradise. Any militia that has attempted to get more than a Pike's length close to stop the creature has been left literally petrified for sun up/sun down period, frightening away other guards in the process.

[Eagle’s Rook]
A large memorial banner has been hung from the top spire, known as the Commander's Tower, of navy blue and rust, sporting the colors connected to the late Sir Vawn Coupant. Various smaller and simple ones can be found hanging in a window there, attached to a tree here. The people quietly mourn their leader and their country-folk also lost to the Summerlands, yet proudly tell the stories of the how and the why of it all.

An area on the road to Neden seems to have been sectioned off by guards.

High levels of potent dark magic having been found there, a small village between nations left to ruin. The only real evidence left behind were traces of magic left over from a Neden made Portal. Whatever vile beast came through here left nothing but destruction in its wake.

[Teng Hua]
Those who have travelled to the poisoned lands have reported a thick poisonous miasma that eats through poison immunity. Only those with purity have been able to travel further.

Across the Realms]
This letter has not been found in the Taverns of the Realms, like many letters tend to be found. It is showing up in the unlikely places, the abandoned spaces. Within caves, old burial sites, the less traveled and usually avoided places the common folk tend to ignore or avoid. (and of course it does not show up in lands where such rumors are not allowed)

To All that reject Death and its rules,

My friends, my family, to you we speak out, in all places that you hide away from the “natural” world. The time has come for us to take our proper place. To take our revenge upon those that call us deviant, that call us unnatural. To those that have left us, forgotten us. Who have tried to repress our power, our RIGHT to sit among the thrones of the world. We have sought greatness, have shown that even time and death can be defied. And what do we get for our efforts? Do they thank us? Do they worship us, as they should, for liberating them from the rules and bonds the “gods” hand down to us? NO, they do not. Instead, they scorn us, they hold us down. They try and force us into their myopic and simplistic belief systems instead of grasping for the true gifts of this universe: the power over life itself.

We could, at this moment, show you our power. We could force you in line. And perhaps in doing so we could crush the living under our boot. But we don’t want forced obedience. We want your loyalty. Your creativity. Your will freely given so that we may bring the Primordial forces back in play on this stage.

We will gather at the last waning crescents of the Thunder Moon and usher in our age of darkness. Be ready for the call.

“In blood and tears, a thousand times

We rise against, we'll always hold the line

Of reckoning

“Red tears run down like a river

Don't close your eyes, it won't disappear

No fear, you want to end the pain

Don't let go, don't back down

Hold the line, we'll bring the reckoning” (OOC: song lyrics by Within Temptation)

-The Sluagh

[Unclaimed Lands]
The woman known as Lilly has called “all that claim to know and love" her to come into the mountains outside of the control of countries. She has stated that she wishes to talk to everyone about “The coming war”. Whole towns have packed up their belongings and can be seen heading into the Western Mountains
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