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[Across the Realms]
If you Dream, you may recall this from a recent night.

You see a small child sitting on a beach, playing with a sand castle. They add ever more lifelike details with their small hands. The walls are sculpted with battlements and buttresses. As you peer more closely into one of the windows, you feel a sudden, cold splash. The sand begins to slough off the front wall of the castle as the seawater recedes from it. Another wave roars up onto the beach, slamming against the sand castle. The front wall crumbles and collapses, the foundation underneath washing away. As the child looks up at you with tears in their eyes, the waves engulf the sand castle and it sinks into the ground.

Here youngling sit down, you look exhausted, have a seat, just move that aside it won't bite you none. You the first one to come by for a while, please let me get you some tea. Have you heard that little one from the Bormer farm has gone and got herself married? I just can't believe it. She claims it happened last week, but no one has seen anything at all of a husband, What, how do I know?, you are right, I don't know, well wouldn't that be something, so anyway, no one has seen anything of a spouse, poor thing we think she is just not ready to introduce them to her family, can't be any worse than her brother going off and staying in that cave with that bear. But stranger things have happened here near the forest. Get down from there Grojo, you don't belong on the celling, fool beast thinks it's a bird or something, And did you see what the baker is doing, made a giant cake, said that someone was going to be by to collect it, that was a month ago, it's still in the window, now who has heard of a cake lasting that long, I tell you, some more tea, yes? Did you hear about the new couple in town, how tall do you think there children will be?, one of them must be over six feet if not more and them pointy ears, and the other barely up to my waist, but their beard wraps around them twice, I do say, that this world is getting more interesting by the day. You see how they look at each though, my stars, you just swoon. I think I might have some biscuits to go with that tea, hold on, hold on, yes, I hear the couple who bought the old coopers place, have a friend staying with them, do they really think they are fooling anyone? The friend moved in when they did, and you always see at least two of them together here in town, if not all three laughing together, but if that makes them happy, so be it. My my look at the time, hey look there, do you see all pretty ones chasing after the blacksmiths boy, the way I hear it, he just has no idea what to do with them. He just wants to work and be left alone. Poor thing, but he seems happiest when he is alone, and that is ok. What? The skull? Don't you bother about that, some dark and souless type asked me to bury it after they left, but I have just been so busy, I am sure it's nothing dangerous. Now where was I, oh yes, the Blacksmiths wife needs to be more careful with who mends her pots if you get what I am saying, some folks, not me mind you, but some folks don't approve of that kind of thing. Me I say be happy be honest. More tea?

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