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[Across the Realms]
The Black Dagger thief has been sighted again after months of laying low.

Witnesses report seeing a black and green tabard and curled horns.


There are rumors coming from those who attended the recent Teng Hua gathering that Orion has caught something called "the Sand Madness".

Some townsfolk in Chimeron claim to have seen a strange creature skulking around alleyways late at night. Descriptions from eyewitnesses say it appeared mostly humanoid but held a tail and a large mane, but its face completely missing bearing a feline or lion-like skull.

Reports also say the creature has been spotted lurking near the portal to Gi and pouring sand out of its boot, suspicions are increasing that this creature may have escaped from the Gi portal and the more popular theory accompanying this rumor is that the creature has been sneaking throw away food from merchant stalls
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