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[Across the Realms]
The Black Dagger thief was recently reported captured and locked up to await trial, however recent rumors state that guards are on the hunt again after a possible escape. It's likely the thief is now laying low, guards have asked for citizens to report any suspicious behavior.

A strange symbol seems to keep appearing around Gabriel's Tavern, depicting a circle bearing a diamond inside and a line running vertical through the center.

This same symbol seems to be frequenting a nearby library and a few merchant stalls. Talk of the symbol states that it appears and disappears shortly after.

However, there is one location where the symbol hasnít been disappearing and with it stands strange lettering that no one can seem to translate.

[The Dreaming]
A strange melody seems to be passing through the dreaming. It holds no lyrics but those who claim to have heard it feel like they know the words.

It holds a soft, gentle tone bringing a sense of loneliness, cold rain, emptiness and sorrow, but a glimmer of sunlight. Many agree that the songs title should be "Empty Rain"

Those who attempt to follow the sound are often led to a hidden grove where an old forgotten temple lies. Overgrown with plantlife and its stonework crumbling.

There appears to be some sort of puzzle upon its door that requires an oddly shaped item and two large statues guard it on either side. One standing tall and proud but covered in foliage, the other a crumbled ruin.

The Forgotten Grove seems to call people closer, but denies entry to its temple.

To those who wish to follow this, they should keep an ear out for further rumors about "Empty Rain."

[New Verai]
Back in February New Verai shut down their borders to all travel due to an outbreak of an unknown disease. Since that time, little news has come out about the situation inside the walls. Those traveling past the borders see smoke from chimneys, sometimes see a sentry at a distance patrolling, and some sounds can be heard of people going about their lives. No one can confirm if this mystery illness has been cured or curbed as sentries stay at a distance or fire arrows at those getting too close to the New Verai borders.
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