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Alpacasaurus' responce

To any snakes looking for other gods to follow:

As a Diplomat to Zimeya, I am familiar with the gods of that land. Rather than worshipping a god of Poison and Deceit, I present you with a couple alternatives:

- Bai Suzhen, The White Snake Maiden: goddess of Death, Persistance, and Vengeance.
- Zmey Gorynich, The Great Zmey: god of Fatherly Wisdom, Cooperation, Building, and Joy[1].

If anyone is interested in converting to follow either of these gods, Elouan of Rhiassa and Shadar of Ashenmark would be happy to discuss the matter. Feel free to contact me to be put in contact with either or both.

-- Alpacasaurus of Saurabia, Diplomat to Zimeya, follower of Tychasaurus

[1]: "Zmey" is a Zimeyan word that roughly translates both to "snake" and to "dragon".
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