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To the Realms:

At the Black and White, the churches of the Realms gathered for a Gods Moot to determine what we should do about Garmís demands. Over a month ago, Garm declared war on all followers of Gods until the nations of the Realms came together to slay a God from the Pantheon of the Greater Gods and make all worship of that god banned and all who worship that god to be hunted and destroyed. The reason Garm declared this is because while he pinned to his throne, other lesser gods rose to power in this pantheon which has spread the power of the pantheon too thin. This could cause all the gods in the pantheon to become too weak and lead to the end times. I understand there are people out there who did not want to even listen to Garmís demands, but please understand that while Garmís message is crass and abrasive, Garm is blunt and straightforward to a fault but he puts the interest of the Realms first and foremost.

The churches and nations present at the Black and White ball came together in agreement and have formally declared war and hereby banish all worship of the god Rexan, the god of serpents, poison, and deception. All worship of the god Rexan is hereby banned in all the nations of the Realms. Rexan, his high priest, champion, and followers will all be destroyed.

Churches pledged to destroy Rexan:
Aurora, Diskordia, Divine Harlot, Vandor, Gaia, Luna, Dark One, Harlequin, Rawonam, Tychasaurus, Chronos, Dionin, Fae, Tymora

Nations pledged to destroy Rexan:
Chimeron, Voraniss, Shadowdragon, Gau Dring, Ashenmark, Neden, Folkestone

If you wish to join our cause or would like more information from the Gods Moot or information about the gods please contact me privately.


To all who worship or would side with Rexan:

I ask you to forsake your god or I will see you upon the battlefield.


To Darkvale,

Chimeron and the nations of the Realms will liberate you from the Aspis soon enough. Please seek shelter or seek asylum in the neighboring nations until the Aspis have been purged from your lands.

-Sir Laika eníNaur
Knight of the Crown
Champion of Chimeron
Paladin of Aurora
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