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Long has it been since our world was violently cut off from the spirit world, through no malicious intent.

We have an opportunity to begin the process to mend the bridge in the coming days. There is no guarantee we will even be able to start thr process, or that we will even be successful if we do begin.

If we are successful though, we must take the good with the bad. The Kal en Dral and Munuko will once again be among us, as will access to the spirit world. The downside is that the Kal kre Bain and their agents will also be able to touch this world.

I feel it is worth the risk. To fight them properly, we will need current Kathrani to be ready to fight, and new Ichi'giri'to'rennin to start the trials.

I will be attempting to begin the repair in approximately a week and a half. All help is appreciated.


Created by Laika en'Naur (Stephen Sanford) at 09-17-19 06:06 PM
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