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A truly strong Noblewoman, the Duchess of Rivercrest is well-known for her outspoken manner and for her more active role in the ruling of her people.

Arien Joubert, Court Mage of Armont (possessed by Ai'loki at the time) is a light-hearted and quiet administrator of the Kingdom, his magic has protected and watched over the four other duchies as the head of their mages. He is trusted and well loved by the King.

Kendrick Atermis - Court Religious Adviser (possessed by Gherridyne) is the King's main adviser on religious matters, and is a strong believer in Tymora, the goddess of Fate.

Happenings of the day


A group of adventurers have slain a dragon in the hills far north of Weirforth. The King has invited them to the Winter Ball to regale the court of their stories and to thank them for their service to the Kingdom.

Moonhaven Elves

A group of Elven pilgrims has requested to address the King, as they are moving close to the lands of Armont and wish to offer a gift as an offering of peace.
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