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Who was Who (Shadow Ball 1)

This is a list of "important" people that were at the Shadow Ball. Strangely, after looking into it, because my 'persona' was disgraced wrongfully and left early, he actually survived (Calder Houle) and supposedly 'became what he wanted'... so if you find a dragon out there named Calder... run away! I don't know if anyone else survived. - Sir Iawen Penn

Chloe Aalders
Ellise Armont
- Queen of Armont, beloved. Once Elise Brickdown, a commonner from Thalania, she was noticed by the king while making a presentation at the Winter Ball in her home duchy. Their courtship quietly upset the court, though she has proven to be an effective and well loved Queen.
Savroy Armont
- King of Armont, seventh in his line. His son, Prince Finzeer Armont is six years old. A gentle man who was the product of a long expanse of peace in his kingdom, he is known for his enjoyment of the good-natured competition for his favor between the four duchies.
Kendrick Atermis
Annwyn Badeau
Ivar Blanch
Hugo Boewin
Camden the Bold
Roselie Brickdown
Morwen Cardiff
Vance Castell
Esme DeMoncour
Gavin DeMoncour
Desmond Deschain
- Captain of the Weirforth Guard, a receent war hero who averted conflict with swift action in the hills of Weirforth against the Earthrider goblins. He is present to be decorated by the King.
Bailey Draycott
Warren Driessen
Terea Dupoint
Edward D'Farrow
- Duke of Weirforth, single Lord, and host of the Ball to celebrate the recent influx of riches from the more recent mining discoveries.
Noella D'Farrow
- Marquise of Weirforth - The sister of the Duke of Weirforth, also the Dance Mistress of the King's court.
Cordelia Firehand
Melina Gabler
Garreth Hillsgon
Calder Houle

Arien Joubert
Raya Kettlethorp
Corwin LaDarius
Jameson Mannering
Carrington Montemarte
Bowden Murell
Idres Murell
Nerys Murell
Orianna Northway
Jori Rietveld
Giles Rousseau
- Vicar General of the Kingdom, Administrator of Armont Proper. Giles is a loyal administrator for the Armonts, taking care of much of their court buisness to leave the crown to the more important matters of state. He is their primary adviser and has the ear of the King. The power behind the Throne.
Faran Silverstrike
Nimael Starcrown
Ulrich Strongarm
Ansel Tel Avest
Shaylanna Telemnar
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