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Calder Houle

Calder Houle loved poufy/foofy clothing, going so far as to sport a beret along with all the silk he enjoyed surrounding himself with. He loved expensive things(especially in the form of food and drink), and thus gifted wine to the King & Queen. He enjoyed speaking loudly and about the most foppish things he could think of, and also encouraged those who had 'problems' to follow their hearts... and thus instigated some interesting romantic triangles.

Calder has the power of Suggestion, and never once used it to my knowledge. I'm not sure what his angle was... I think it was to act the innocent and the 'good guy' so the other Dragon-kin/blood would reveal itself (which it did in the form of Rel's persona through the framing). In the end, when Calder bade the Queen and King good-bye, they pleaded with him to stay, and when he said he could not, they mentioned they would help out Rivecrest (which is one of the things he wanted, so he could attend to more important/mage-y matters and stop being bothered by people about the flood).

The supposed dirt on Calder was that he has got a lot more power than he outwardly shows. He's biding his time to take out the Court Mage. That was semi-true: He was a hell of a lot more powerful than he looked, and when cornered, said so. But wanting to take out the Court Mage held no interest for him whatsoever, as he had a loftier goal.

Another thing was Calder hadn't done anything to help the Rivercrest flooding. He didn't seem bothered by it, or even busy attempting to solve it: he has some other agenda. This was true to a point: He attempted to explain it away by saying he was a busy mage and it was tough for him to explain the kind of work he did, but in the end he realized that in order to do said work, he'd need to care long enough to get someone *else* to work on it (in this case, the King and Queen as he left).

Being in a Duchy (Rivercrest) meant that he was an influential member in Armont. Allowing his Duchy to shine above all others by pleasing the King would have been a tall order for him, however, so again, playing a different game entirely worked out in his favor. I never did find out who the 'winning duchy' lord and lady who danced with the King and Queen were for the third set of dances.

There was something one could accidentally (or purposefully) do while in the grips of this past ball: launch a Shadow Breach. I attempted to do this on a regular basis, actually, and got four people in the end. However, the 'best' one was never caught at all: introducing the rival of Calder (the philanthropist) as 'Rel' to the Queen and King. I actually still chuckle when I think of that one.

As I find the rest of my notes about Calder, I'll write them down here for History's sake. It may become relevant, it may not. - Sir Iawen Penn
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