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Type of Missve: Public
Date: October 19 1011
Responses: many
Scion: Damn you spirits that refuse to speak plainly but only in obtuse ways.

To make things more plain for the rest of you not 'in' on what is going on...:

The spirit world where the Kal spirits (both kinds, mind you) reside on is 'falling away' from the 'world' as you know it.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to explain what is causing this 'falling away' or 'rift' between the worlds, as it has been happening since nearly the beginning of time. Only recently has the rift begun to move more swiftly in scope. It is unknown by myself, and unknown to those spirits I have conversed with, what causes this rift, and what is causing it to move more swiftly. We also do not know how to stop it.

We do know that this rift has already claimed the 'lives' of several spirits, some of god like ability, (if not called gods already). Some of these may be known to you, specifically the god Celestine, and the god Yanneth (the one that used to be a god of Harvests, but became a god of orc slaying to empower the weapons Dorthack, which slew TNO's second champion, Skullcrusher, not to be confused with the god slaying sword that the Hidden Order makes...)

It has already become more difficult for most spirits to contact the material world.
The Dawnrunner has not run into the material for nearly three weeks, as the wall or rift is too far to cross now.
The Talkoni Forest, that which you may know as 'The Northern Wilds', is beginning to 'fall' - it's spiritual awareness falling into a torpor that we spirits call 'the Fade'.

If you do nothing, both kinds of Kal spirit will be unable to affect the Realms.
This has the 'benefit' of making things like Taint, Bainen and such no longer possible in your world. (No more depredations from things like The Nameless One, or these Ranelek people.)

This has the 'detriment' of ending any relationships you have with Kal related entities. These entities include, but are not limited to, Rani (including certain 'rock' babies), Munuko (espcially those bonded to Kathrani), Cybalen (Such as Enigma), Guardians (such as Tetch or Silence), and Gemari. Magic, Rituals and Protections from the Kal is likely not to work anymore, either.

Chances are, the fall with not affect many, if any of you in any notable way.
So, the price for this security is not very high. What is one life, balanced against the good of all? for the safety of all those of the world from the Unmakers Touch?

I'm sure the people of Keln Gylith might agree...

Though I likely won't.

(That annoying spirit that Rorin dislikes.)
Maybe I am thinking on this too coldly, but if we let this rift happen, our world is safe from the Kal kre Bain. This is not as ideal as destroying them for all time, but it would mean that we are safer. Is the cost as simple as losing touch with those we consider friends?
I should think that the Kal would understand such a price.
Just a thought.
My lady,

Aren't you still unfortunately tied to Orcus?

Just a thought,
While we would be safe, other worlds would not. Also, this might not
simply stop the Dral and Bain from accessing our plane, but it could
stop any and all spirit activity, up to contact with deities. I would
not want to live in a world that had absolutely no contact with the
spirit realm.


What does her being tied to Orcus have to with anything in this conversation? (Not that I am saying she is tied to Orcus, because I honestly cannot tell you that is true)

Just a thought,
Tied to Orcus
"I would not want to live in a world that had absolutely no contact with the spirit realm."

Because then we might have to actually make our own decisions and stand on our strengths instead of relying on fickle and ineffectual "gods". I say good riddance. It's not as if any of them will die from this. My only sticking point is that other worlds might suffer.

What does her being tied to Orcus have to with anything in this conversation?"


Orcus, god of undead and necromancy.

Kal En Dral, haters of undead and necromancy.
Bainen, powerful forces of evil.

If the Kal En Dral and Bainen are gone Orcus loses someone powerful that hates him and someone powerful and evil enough to challenge him. He comes out way ahead if they were to go away. Especially if all it takes is someone tied to him suggesting that it is okay for them to be cut off. Minimal effort, great gain.

So, what does this have to do with her being tied to Orcus. Simple logic and open eyes says it has a lot to do with her being tied to Orcus.

Orcus is...a god? Really? This is news to me. And a god of undead and necromancy at that? Wow! Orcus! We need to have a conversation!
- Nos

That is a cowardly resolution. If you would turn away from the Kal, and choose to let the Kal Kre Bain continue to plague other worlds just to rid ours of them, I say shame.

I will be doing all in my power to prevent this Rift.

You know what they say about cowards, right?

-Kahl en Ar
That they die unlemented and unremembered, bringing shame on their countrymen?

Bi-la Kaifa
Niccodemus Rashid al-Mahaal
That they keep away cows?
Many thoughts to address. Keep in mind, these are thoughts to consider. Maybe not the course that needs to be taken.

Iawen, I fail to see how who my friends are should play into this conversation. Besides, I can pretty well guarantee that Orcus wants our world nice and safe, even if he is no deity.

Here are more thoughts: We cannot kill the Kal Kre Bain. We can't even hunt down and destroy their minions. They seem to be leaving trails everywhere they go, yet the Realms cares little. Sickness, desicrated Temples and the Red Arrow Emporium are but a few examples. Scion said all we have to do is nothing. It seems we excel at that. Even if we DID manage to kill the Kal Kre Bain, it would likely take the Kal en Dral with them. There is a cost and seems it seems to be high. Also, something about balance. If both fade from this world, they would tackle a new one, just as they did before our world, and they will after ours, no matter the resolution. We will be unable to follow and assist in other worlds, as we would also be Bainen. Odd, but true. Just ask Bouquet.

So no, it is not cowardice that brings me to thinking about this option, Rorin. It is simply something to consider. If this world does not have Bainen fires popping up everywhere, we would not need the Kal water buckets, would we? We could simply focus on ignoring other tasks.

You had me until "I can pretty well guarantee that Orcus wants our world nice and safe"

...and that concluded this round of missives. (Iawen)
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