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Date: May 30 1011
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Greetings Heroes of the Realms,

I have recently been informed that my dreams may hold meaning, due to my nature.
I am uncertain if this is the proper way to go about 'documenting' them, but as I do not want to fail to notify someone that might need to know the content, chose this method as the most efficient. If there is a better way, or a less offensive one, please let me know, and I will endevor to do that instead.

Sunday, March 27th:

Dreamed of a Shadow Man climbing a mountain.
The Shadow-man found a monsterously large eagle, and killed it.

Later, that same night, I had a dream about a white bear that was moving from location to location without moving - like he was teleporting or something. In the same dream, the bear was sometimes in two places at once.

Monday, March 28th:

Dreamed of a dark-haired woman with half a skull for a face. She was also missing a finger on her right hand. She was wearing black, and had a pair of ghost-like guardians. Before her, there were three men in red cloaks, speaking. The woman seemed unhappy with the men in red.

That same night, I dreampt about a golden dragon being tortured by black beams of light in a gray land, and a golden haired woman wearing a blue tabard with white wings and a sword, she was slowly melting as the dragon faded.

Tuesday, March 29th (Last night):

Dreampt of a tall, dark haired man with kind, gray-green eyes staring into a black ball. The scene shifted, and the same man was in a castle main hall, with hundreds of plain doors on either side of the hall. At one end of the hall was an incredibly ornate, but incredibly gaudy, golden throne. The scene shifted again, and that same man was still looking into the ball. The scene shifted yet again, and the same man was at a very long table. It looked to be set for tea. The chairs were simply filled with stuffed animals of every kind, and there was a young girl with red hair talking to him.

I do not know the significance of the dreams, or if they are of the present, the future, or the past.

Translations appreciated,

In faith,

Shard of Celestine

Stop eating spicy food before bedtime. It can cause dreams like these.

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