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Type of Missve: Mass Distribution
Date: April 16, 1011
Responses: Yes
In the taverns of the realms, the following post has appeared in a flowing script:

Dearest Phoenix Rose,

I had such a great time the other night, we got to know each other so very well. But our evening together was cut short, and it has left me thinking about you. And now, it has been difficult to find you. You know how I want to be with you and that I do not like people playing hard to get. Your friend is really protective of you, but she is not as powerful as I am. I will find you. And we will be together. Don't make me wait too long. I think you know where you can find me.

All my Love,
The Second.

(Posted in taverns as a reponse. The writing seems jagged, as though written while angry.)

The Second,
That's what you are. Never better, always second.

I'm standing by my sister's words. Thus my answer should be more than clear.

No. Never. You're just not my type. I want nothing to do with you, nor The Hand of Blood.

Feel free to 'pull my entrails from me', as you so put it. You will regret anything you try.

Never Your 'dearest',
Phoenix Rose

Unto everyone else;
My apologizes for all of you seeing this.
-Phoenix Rose

My Dearest Phoenix Rose,

You know my sweet words were only pillow talk. I do not believe you would be so foolish to resist this thing between us. I don't like to think you would force me into those dark moods and to conjure all those things that make you wake screaming from your dreams. Of course you wouldn't resist me. You are not strong enough to do so. After a day or so, you would be begging to love me. So why not skip past the foreplay?

Let us be candid, in front of all of our guests. You are one step from them scalping you out of principle. If you can call it principle. If you join me, join Us, they won't be able to harm you ever again.

Do you know what they did to help Corliss? Nothing. Not a Blessed thing. They knew early on how to save her. And they chose to watch her fall. Only because she was not a favorite and little known. She was lost, like you. What makes you think any of them will help you if they wouldn't help her? You are alone. They will kill you and take your toys, like they do so many others. Instead of helping the downtrodden, they will let you fall. You have no friends. No one is coming. Just like her.

But I love you. We love you. My Master assures you a place at his side. All you have to do is love me. And you will love me. Because they never will.

You cannot deny the power of my words, what we felt for each other. I am your destiny, the end of your road.

But perhaps you need a small demonstration. Yes, I will give you a small taste. For you, I will do this. Remember, you are the one who brought this down on your family.

All of my Love,
The Second.

You are a fool to think I would cave.
I've had worse threats.

I do not deny there are those who distrust me. But that distrust is something I caused myself.

I am never alone.
I have friends.
I have family.

But if you dare be foolish enough to touch my family, I will destroy you myself.

-Phoenix Rose


Shut up. Don't spread lies. Corliss gave herself over the darkness willingly.

I remember it well.

What she needed to return to herself was something that couldn't be given.

Your lies and deceit is to be expected however it is a waste of your time.


It brings me a certain level of odd joy to know that as usual, the creatures of darkness and evil are a cowardly, deceitful and dishonorable lot. Only a coward answers a challenge with attacks on kin. I would expect better, but then, I know who and what you are. Understand that regardless of what move you make from here forward, Second, you will be destroyed. By my hand or by another, it matters not, but you will be destroyed.

Squire Tara Harkon

I certainly hope that you do not generalize the collective creatures
of darkness, dear squire.

~Aris Bloodsword

To my Student Tara,

You have much to learn, little Fae. You see, I need to let her know my love is serious, and it is dedicated. Which means any display of my affection needs to be meaningful. A coward will threaten to attack you, your loved ones, your children, because they truely feel you will not resist them without such blustery rhetoric. They have no real intension to kill them. they just know how it effects you.

I, on the other hand, assure you I have every intention to destroy everything else that claims to care for her. Unless she gives in to the chemistry between us. It is not I who do this. She forces me to prove myself. Don't you see I can show her how much I care by turning her family? And then my Master will open a portal to the Realm of Notti and then, well, it becomes a task of true dedication.

You will learn, my Student, the lengths we will go through. But before we go down this path, we will start with one.

-The Second.


You, or your Master, will not touch my homelands, Notti or any other Realm of Sheshawnii. You will find that much too large of a bite.
Destroy anything or anyone dear to me, and you guarantee your own destruction.

You obviously have no idea how to really treat a lady, do you. Fool. Stupid. Idiot. I do not fear you. I do not fear your master. I know that we will watch you fall.
-Phoenix Rose

Again, unto you all;
Any who call themselves family, friend, or ally to me.
I apologize now for any harm that comes unto you. I will do my best to prevent such, but know that I am not going to ever bow to this cretin, nor his master. I pray that you all stand strong and tall.

May you and yours be safe.
-Phoenix Rose

My Dearest Phoenix Rose.

We have hollowed out worlds. Turned the Forsaken Sun black. Burned the sky of Red Autumn. My words are not hollow. I simply explain what I will do for your love.

But hush now; I am sure our guests do not wish to hear our flirting. You will be seeing my gifts for you very, very soon.

All my love,
The Second

eh, I do not think this guy knows how to handle rejection very well. Anyway, if any harm comes to Phee, I, and the rest of her family will make sure you find a small box to spend the rest of your days in.

-Salem, the catsorcerer


RuBarb and myself will always stand ready to defend you and fight
beside you, regardless of the mistrust of others. We do not take
kindly to threats against you and those you hold dear. If this is
against your will, as you have assured us it is, we stand ready to
defend you against these threats, and will not backdown without your
command. You are a good friend to us. If you need us, we are always
here for you.

Layla Lu'Jayn Malika and Lord RuBarb of Natures Kin

Very nice sentiments, but I doubt they were intended for me. I believe you meant to address your letter to Phee.

Ya know, all this Tavern posting really interferes with a guy's drinking.

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