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Sources of Light

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Date: September 11 1010
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Thank you to all those that contributed to information about the Bois, Bedlam and the infinite dark - especially Janus, (who I’m formally and publically declaring is a credit to the Apprentices to the Order of the Magi).

I know that last year, at Uncle Cecil’s Tavern, Father Christmas came and bestowed blades of light to fight against the infinite dark.

It is my understanding there are other sources for such weaponry.

How can we go about making more blades of light?
What forces and powers would aid us in the struggle against the infinite dark?
What items should we gather to create more ways to combat them?
Does a standard Light spell hold them back, as, in my day, such a spell would hold back Shadowbeasts?
Are there any ‘home remedies’ for the sickness that the bois ‘carry’?

In service,

Rune and all interested,

Swords of Light are something very rare and special. It is my understanding that Swords of Light cannot be created save under extreme circumstances. Usually a relic, holy artifact, or even body of a devout servant of the Light is freely given to create something that becomes a tool for the living to combat evil. This was the case in making of the two swords known as the Bones of Shoshanna. These swords were made from the arms of the deceased's body as per her spirit's wishes. Aurora has made it clear that the process to create swords of light will never be easy and Her blessing is required in all cases.

Temporary swords of light have been created in the past by a willing servant of Aurora tying their life force to a blade and blessing it. With Aurora's overseeing, the blades take on a sheen of light and work much in the way true swords of light do. Usually this blessing lasts for one night. Extreme caution must be exercised when trying to participate in this process. Any damage to the blade will affect the person it is tied to. If the blade is lost utterly, I believe the person tied to it will also be lost permanently. I know two people other than myself who have enchanted blades like this with the Lady's blessing. This is not a quick fix. It is extremely dangerous and even I am loathe to try it again.

Knights of the Crown are often seen as those who serve Aurora since they serve the throne of Coventry (which is always held by an avatar of Aurora). Knights in good standing and those who maintain their will to serve the forces of good are able to channel light to the blades they wield as real swords of light.

The Fae Duchess of Blossoms, Ophelia, is perhaps something more powerful than a sword of light. In her form of a sword, Ophelia is able to utterly destroy and dissipate creatures of darkness and bois. Her aspect within the Fae Court is "within Light". Rel and I believe that it is this aspect of Ophelia's being that allows her to harm bois as she does and act as a bane weapon,

I have been told that the expenditure of a Tear of Aurora could also create a permanent sword of light. They are extremely rare and, it should be noted, they should only be used in extreme circumstances. The last two used were to keep Garm from killing Aurora to maintain the balance with Dionnin and to keep Zula from becoming a walking Bedlam gate/bois channel. I believe there are less that 4 left in the Realms, but they should be kept safe in case something similar to the other uses is ever needed.

To my knowledge these are the only permanent swords of light in this world, unless Aurora designs to bless us once again.

Hope Eternal (a longsword last seen in the hands of Aurora's daughter Dalidanna)
Bones of Shoshanna (the short sword is in the care of Templar Iacob, the dagger was stolen by a being in Hell named Hermes)
the Unnamed Sword (corrupted after a child sacrifice by worshipers of the Dark One)

The Northern Lights swords were gifted to the many nations of the Realms last year by Father Yule. Each individual sword can only be wielded by a sworn member of the nation or someone who claims allegiance to the group. Once you have a claim to one sword, that is the only one you may wield. For example: Dame Freesia claimed use of the Creathorne sword as a knight of that land, but in doing so cannot use the Northern Light sword belonging to Folkestone.

I hope this information helps.

May the Light keep us safe,
~Faelinn Shadowmoon
To all others curious,

In regards to those gifts given to various nations, known as "Northern Lights", it has been my inclination to learn more about them since receiving them.

On that token, it is worth sharing that at least insofar as seeing magics are concerned, one cannot glean information with these types of spells on a weapon that belongs to a nation other than their own. That is, only a Chimeron-sworn seer may divine information from the blade "Save The Queen", and so forth. That isn't to say that if somebody were to gain information on their own particular nation's blade the information might not be true for the other weapons.

I am a humble fighter, and do not possess the skills necessary to See. If any other person does know more about these, or is willing to use their abilities to find out, that might turn out to be a boon to the cause.

These are important and extremely rare gifts, and may very well mark the beginning of the end of Bedlam.

Humbly and Respectfully,

- Aldamar De Metarrian,
Squire to the Red Branch,
Emissary of Val Dara
Bearer of "Noble Intent"

P.S.: These CAN be broken. Take necessary precautions, and safeguard them.
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