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War of Shadows: Missives

To the sovereign nation of Chimeron and others that wish to contend the new lord of Darkvale,

I have given your message to my lord.

He has commanded that I return his message to you.

You have 48 hours to deliver rules of engagement for this war. We understand that our ways are not as civilized as yours and would like to come to an understanding.

For example, what is to be done with prisoners, if any will be taken and the like.

We will await you replay

Ambassador of Darkvale
Unto Ambassador Salomon,

Our terms have been sent. I look forward to The Disciple's reply.

King Sir Alexander Cecil

To the Nation of Chemeron,

The Lord of Darkvale has looked over your terms and bids me to send his reply with some changes.

Also any other nations of individuals that wish to be apart of this war must make them selves know along with heraldry as of the signing of these terms.

The Terms are as follows

Whereas formal hostilities have become inevitable between the kingdom of Chimeron and the followers of The Disciple; and
Whereas all life is something of value; and

Whereas war is a necessary evil, whose destructive force is best limited; and

Whereas senseless loss can be avoided if the nation of Chimeron, the followers of The Disciple, and each side's respective allies conduct themselves in a manner proper for chivalrous warfare;

Resolved, camp followers, the peasantry, civilian clergy, and others who refrain from combat shall not be harmed or imprisoned for the duration of the conflict.

Resolved, soldiers of both sides of the conflict shall clearly wear heraldic bearings to identify them from non-combative camp followers, peasantry, and civilian clergy.
Resolved, the right for an enemy soldier to surrender shall be tolerated, and surrendered enemies shall not be slain.

Resolved, both sides shall have the right to take enemies, including surrendered enemies, as prisoner.

Resolved, prisoners of war shall be treated in a manner befitting their station within their own society.

Resolved, the use of geases upon prisoners shall not be considered a subjugation of will, provided they are knowingly entered into on the part of the prisoner and are used exclusively as a means of guaranteeing the prisoner shall not reenter combat as part of the negotiation for the release of said prisoner.

Resolved, a lone field of white shall be the heraldry of temporary truce for the purposes of negotiation or communication when carried by a soldier, and it shall also be the worn heraldry of camp followers, civilian clergy, prisoners, and other non-combatants close to the battlefield.

Resolved, those who wear or bear the lone field of white shall not be harmed by their enemy, nor shall they cause harm to their enemy in any way, nor shall they aid their allies by means of magical healing or active magical protection, nor shall they enter into a combat environment.

Resolved, neither side shall attempt to scalp any enemy that does not regenerate from death.

Resolved, any nations or individuals engaging in combat for ether side and not sworn to the waring parties will be killed and scalped.
Unto the soon-to-be-at-war people of both the Lord of Darkvale and the
Kingdom of Chimeron,

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amaden, a
representative of the forces you know simply as Hell. As members of
both parties have done business with me in the past, I hate to see
hostilities break out among my customers, yet I recognize that both
parties have claim to the land of Darkvale. Tensions are certainly
high, I offer my humble underwriting and enforcement services to both
parties as a truly neutral outside observer to the situation. For as
long as time has existed, the Honorable Sons such as myself have
provided structure and stability to a chaotic world, and this
situation is no different.

Here is how such a deal would work. Both sides would agree to the
treatise, and sign/countersign the enforcement contract with me.
Should one side or the other violate said treaty (subject to
adjudication), punitive damages would be collected by Hell in the
amount of five times the violation, and would Hell will restore or
compensate the damages to the victim of the infringement. There is no
cost to either party to originate this contract, and should no
infraction occur, the contract would terminate without cost to either
party with some agreed upon reasonable deadline.

For those who have not dealt with me, I operate in fairness and
precision, and only wish to make deals that are mutually beneficial to
all parties such as this one. I have no interest in cutting off future
business by making bad deals, and have in my time rejected many deals
brought to me by mortals as being unfair to them. I have no interest
either way in the outcome of this conflict, unlike other deities and
outside parties.

Aspis and Humankind alike, look deep into your hearts and ask
yourself whether you can trust an opponent such as the one you face.
Who will answer your cries for vengeance when one side wrongs another?

I will answer your cries.

I am happy to answer any questions. You know how to find me.
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