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War of Shadows: Aftermath

Type of Missve: public missive
Date: October 18,1011
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...and so the Kingdom of Chimeron and forces allied to them fought against the allied forces loyal to the Disciple.

As becoming of the Rules, no God can directly war against another and must work through their mortal agents and avatars and only take the field when called on by their mortal followers. In befitting of a time of war, Rawonam sent his avatar Sir Shane of Clan Curaidh to battle the summoned Shade of Rexan. Where ever there is war, Rawonam shall keep his vigil.

Called forth by their mortal followers, Justari, Aurora, Vandor, Arius, Luna...and eventually Chronos cast their eyes to the battlefield in Darkvale. The outsiders of the Faerie Courts, though warned, cast forth their influence as well. And through mortal hands, the second avatar of Antioch took the field against Rexan's followers.

Lord Asmodeus was sent among the mortals as a sign of the shifting balance, lest Garm act directly. Few knew the warning, even fewer would heed it. For Balance must be maintained and neutrality is ever a hard thing to keep.

Mortals made their own way...

- Lord Sir Avendar and Velvet of Mythguard were returned to their right state of mind and joined forth the war effort.

- Kyomi of Chimeron worked desperately with the cure for the Aspis plague but she was doomed to run short for not enough was given to her.

- Because of the actions of Thomas Althorne II to desecrate the temple to Rexan, the temple to Arius was unwoven and the God of Truth and Battle's influence was removed from the field.

- Grandor, paladin of Justari, was rescued and by Lord Asmodeus's hand the sword Valor was given Garm's blessing.

- Given the choice of continuing as the mortal avatar or retaining his free will, Squire Quinn of Chimeron gave up the powers of Antioch he had learned to wield.

...and so the mortals fought onward.

At the attack at the City of Darkvale, the allied forces of Chimeron at last came face to face with the truth. The war and killing was a blood sacrifice to Rexan and through trickery, High Priest Salomon seemed to gather the power to himself becoming the mortal avatar of Rexan.

Sir Callin of Folkestone slew Salomon with Valor and obliterated him with Garm's blessing.

At that moment, the Disciple's plan had become known to all. With the death of Ilgoth many years ago, the station of avatar was left vacant and any who would claim it would have to prove themselves to Rexan, gather power and seize it. With the sacrifice of Salomon and the blood of the war, the Disciple harnessed the power and became the avatar of Rexan.

Young William Althorne was returned, not by good faith, but as a show of power; for he now bore the scales of an aspis.

The lands of Darkvale are now split between the forces of Chimeron, the former general of the Disciple, and the forces of the Disciple himself.

Time will tell what will become of these lands.

Perhaps another story waits to be told.

Before the eyes of Gods and Men, I did witness these events. So shall it be written upon the Book of Creation.

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