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Author: Tara Harkon
Date: August 19,1011
A Full Report on the Aspis, Their God and The Plague
by Tara Harkon

1. Reasons for Writing This Report
2. The God of the Aspis
3. History, Interactions Between the Realms and the Aspis
4. Recent Actions of the Aspis (as of August 1011)
5. The “Aspis Plague”
6. Theories and Questions

1. Reasons for Writing This Report
My reasons for writing this report are many, but they are also few and specific. They are the people of Chimeron who look to us for protection and they are the vows that I have sworn to protect these people.

2. The God of the Aspis
The Aspis follow a deity known as Rexan. Very little is known about the god of snakes save the following:
Name: Rexan, God of Serpents
Domain: Serpents, Death, Poison
Avatars: Ilgoth (deceased)
Area of Influence: Apis Nor Mountains

3. History, Interactions Between the Realms and the Aspis
Records of the conflicts between the Realms and the Aspis are few and far between, so this section will be limited.
It is known that in the year 995, Sir Lars Mooreshold agreed to champion the God of Snakes in the Ascension Wars.
At some time in the past (presumably pre 995) Darkvale was given to the Aspis by non-Chimeronians after a failure to retake the land. Later, the land was reclaimed in the name of Chimeron and given to Lord Chan Ottokar. He signed a treaty with the Aspis allowing them to stay within the land as long as they behave themselves.
It is also known that there are (or were) princes and princesses of the Aspis.
There was, at one time, an occurrence known as the Twisting which caused creatures known as the Aspis-Fae to come into being which were partially Aspis and partially Fae. These creatures do not occur naturally and are not like the Aspis we are currently dealing with.

4. Recent Actions of the Aspis (as of August 1011)
On June 10th of the year 1011, many people ventured into the lands of Darkvale, a subnation of Chimeron to take part in a discussion of the treaty with the Aspis as a result of Chan leaving Chimeron. The discussions resulted in Chan rejoining Chimeron, but the Aspis had no intentions of reinstating the treaty. At the end of the discussion, the goblins and trolls appeared to agree with reinstating Lord Chan but suddenly turned on the adventurers present. The prevalent theory is that they are being controlled by the Aspis. They scalped many of the adventurers who took part in the discussion and slaughtered the villagers of Darkvale. They then proceeded to declare war on Chimeron.

5. The “Aspis Plague”
History of the Plague
During the early days of June in the year 1010, hooded and cloaked figures were seen driving wagons the carried barrels. They went into the various lands of Chimeron.
The Aspis Plague was first noticed in June of 1011, after the adventurers of the Realms went into Darkvale. The early symptoms manifested as flu-like with a stomach ache. Over time, more and more of the townsfolk became bedridden. Further symptoms began to manifest, including change in temperature, dry itchy skin and a decline in eye site.
As of late June, the townsfolk who had the disease began to disappear. It became apparent that the citizens were being transformed into trolls, goblins and aspis. A dream had by Demetria Highwater in early August showed that the people who were disappearing were being welcomed by the army of the Disciple.
Attempts at a Cure
Immunity to Poison was, naturally, one of the first attempts at a cure attempted when the sick began to appear. It is not to be used as it hastens the affects of the disease. Cure Disease has no apparent affect on the sick, which makes sense since it appears to be a poison rather than a true disease. It is known that it is not contagious and is only spread through the drinking of water that has been contaminated. The water cannot be purified through physical means and the normal disenchantments do not work on it. Brewing or cooking with it does not negate the poison. The only known way to purify the water is by means of a member of the Chimeronian Servants Guild.
It has been confirmed that the Aspis have an antidote to the poison but believe that we do not have the means to recreate it. It has also been confirmed that Aspis blood is a part of the poison but not part of the antidote.

6. Theories and Questions
There are many questions which need to be asked. The main question, of course, is how to formulate the antidote for the poison at any stage. We know that the Aspis have the cure, but we need a way to get it from them and to be absolutely sure we have the correct cure.
The other question to be asked is how to locate the goblins, trolls and Aspis who were Chimeronians and separate them from the naturally born goblins, trolls and Aspis. We should also explore freeing the goblins and trolls of Darkvale, who would likely either stand down or side with us if freed.
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