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Elmerton, I'm as nowhere as I can be
Could you add some Somewhere for me?
Ah Keilhorn, I'm kneeling, ah Keilhorn, please.
Lowex, I ain't never felt Nothing so strong.
Been believing the words are the ends to my songs.
Lowex, I'm leaving.
Lowex, I'm gone.

From town to town and place to place,
There's people everywhere that try to capture my face
But we stole the coin and left just our names
And almost slipped while they were after us
The rain it fell, the story went on
The rain, it fell, and we got gone....

Tradegate, quit knockin' on my door
Won't answer your letters any more
Tradegate, quit writin', Tradegate, leave me be

Changing the plans that I've been set on
I'm scared (by the way) that my life is getting gone
Without me.

Tradegate, leave me be. One day I'll, someday I'll come home.
Tradegate, mystery, one day I'll make ready to come on home.
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 04-29-15 03:51 PM
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