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The Ring

Untie me, for I've said no vows
The noise is getting way too loud
I have to leave here, these chains
Get on with my lonely life
Just leave the ring on the trail
For the Wheel to nullify

Until this turn in my head
I let you stay and you paid no rent
I've spent twelve long months on the lam
That's enough sitting on the fence
for the fear of breaking dams.

You should be breaking, damn!

I found a fatal flaw
In the logic of Love
And go out of my head into madness.
You love a sinking stone
That will never elope, never embrace
So get used to the lonesome darkness
You must atone to someone,
so why not give service to me?

It took me all of a year to
place the poison in your ear
But now I stand on honest ground...
Oh, honest ground!
You want to fight for this Love,
But you could not answer the call from Above,
So it is abundantly clear.
You want to jump and dance,
But you sat on your hands and missed your only chance.

Go back to town.
Get your feet on the ground.
Stop fucking around.
And don't leave the ring on the stairs.
Leave it on the trail, where all
who pass by get a chance to hear the call
and choose for themselves.
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 04-28-15 10:42 PM
Last Modified by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 04-28-15 10:42 PM