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Paradise, August 1004

Shortly after Bouquet was Wayland-Bladed in the lands of Rhiassa at the Queen of Hearts that year, Lord Nero changed the regionals of his city and lands to reflect all that was in his heart.

1. Cantrip (unlimited)
This spell allows you to perform minor tasks with the use of magic. Open a door when your arms are full, light a candle, etc. Nothing as useful as an existing spell, or as powerful as a pool spell (ignoring Pas, which has no power.).

2. Deep Pockets
As per the Omnibus spell.

3. Protect the Soul
As per the Omnibus spell.

4. Preservation (1)
This spell can preserve one object for about a week. The object will not decay, or age, or otherwise face the negative effects of time.

5. Diviner's Circle (unlimited, one at a time)
This is a special CoP, for divination purposes. It doesn't protect against weapons, or stop enchanted beings from walking through. Instead, it prevents remote effects from harming you at a distance. It is less generally useful, but better at one specific thing.

6. Fireball - one 'prop' unlimited tosses

7. Sacrifice (unlimited)
Take one bad situation or effect from another person, and suffer it yourself instead.
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