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Savory Delights, Paradise

At the feast called "Savory Delights" there were two paths
Savory Delights:-

Choose one of three words: Fae, Shadow, or none.

1. Choose a pool spell.
2. I'm Feeling Lucky...(ask one FT pronouns, at no cost.)
3. Destroy fae stone between fists. (3 uses)
4. Special! (my regens work in a 30. count)
5. Resist Magic (1 use)
6. Summon a... (1 use) summon something of your choice with a good enough ritual. Note: this is illegal in the lands of paradise and Chimeron.

3. Not Here (1 call of Not here when getting hit)
5. Ninja Dodge (1 call of ninja dodge on contact)
6.Grey Vision. 3 questions, can use proper nouns, and the being who you cast it at can not retaliate at you. Then you get a number on your head. (we think this has to do with the colorless, but we are not 100% certain. It is recommended that if you have this spell, you do not use it.)

we heard nobody ask for "None".
Tags: Confirmed, Regional Magic
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