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Of their magic and history

The following information was told to me by Aisling, recounting her days when the Strangers first stepped foot into what is now known as Red Autumn.

Of their appearance in Jurati/Helios/Red Autumn: "We did not know how, or when or even why. But as soon as one mortal began to worship the Strangers, suddenly they… Were. And they moved with a swiftness that we could not match. They locked away the gods in their home: they were still but children then. They assumed their Aspects, gave themselves other names. They said the name of the Plane was Helios, and we were angry. We began to fight them and to try and free the gods. But they were quick. They offered the mortals untold powers, unknown magics. Soon, their magic no longer sang. It ripped and tore and hurt us. They saw the power as what would solve all their fears. The mortals grew in their faith to the Strangers, and we began to wither. It took many cycles, but we were able to free the gods. And they fought back. The battle was brutal. But the world was saved. However, the damage was done."

Of their magic: "This magic. It was so wrong. It did not sing. So it did not heal. We tried to repair it, but its hold was now too strong. Their minds were like ice and cold and pain."

Of Other Planes and an Explanation: Research from other universes have uncovered a story where the Strangers have tried to enact the Curse there, but were thwarted before the curse could be called. On one world, (Forsaken Sun (Kelarindustraniti) ) they learned the true purpose of the Red Autumn. The Seasonal reference is based on the cycle of Life on many worlds, Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter. This is usually a symbol of the cycle of life, creation, maturity, old age and death. The Curse was to bring about the Last Age of the Universe, to use Red Autumn to transform a world into Black Winter. In Red Autumn, all life is destroyed, the red symbolizing the blood of all of the creatures of that world. Black Winter is an ashen landscape where the burned sky falls as ash, like black snow. The Strangers have been trying on countless worlds, countless times, to bring about Black Winter. It seems in all of their promises, all of their destruction, it has been for this one purpose. To build, what some surmise, is a new home for them.
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