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Vandorian Parable

This is an old parable on the Protection of Vandor and common-sense. It was originally told by Osa.

A warrior was fighting in a long and bloody battle, during the course of which his helm was severely damaged by a ferocious blow, yet he was miraculously unharmed. Being a true believer of Vandor's might and purpose he was struck with a sense of awe and invincibility, that his very god was watching over him, and threw himself back into the fray. Fierce fighting raged for hours and the warrior was constantly in the thick of it, with nothing but his faith to protect his head. The general saw from across the field how the enemy fell before the righteous fury of this warrior, and could see from the distance the shine off his vulnerable scalp. He sent a runner with his very own helm to the warrior, for he knew that flanks could well fall if the warrior were struck down.
"Thank the general for me, lad, but Vandor's blessing is upon me. I need no armor for my head." And he went back to killing. Righteously.
Some time later a fellow knight who had been wounded was being carried off the field and saw the warrior, bald spot gleaming in the sun, and offered the warrior his own coif. "Nay," said the warrior, "Vandor protects."
The battle continued and though swords grazed close enough to shear off a lock of his hair, the warrior was undaunted. He stepped into the swing of a giant of a man wielding a cruel mace to avoid the deadly spikes and was momentarily stunned by the impact of the shaft of the weapon, but still managed to drive his own sword home. A common trooper fighting beside him kept him from falling down. "Please sir, it's only a simple leather cap I wear, but without you we cannot hope to win. Please take my cap, and I shall find another."
The warrior shook the spots from his eyes and gathered his senses. "I thank thee for thy offer, soldier, but Vandor shall protect me from these villainous swine." And steady once again he charged back into the melee.
Moments later the warrior's head was cleanly separated from his neck. He found himself in the afterlife, a bit bewildered. He wandered through the lost souls until he found an avatar of Vandor, a battle-scarred figure who carried a great axe.
"My lord avatar, I am confused. I have lived a good and faithful life. I have fought constantly that those under my protection would remain safe, and avenged those who fell. I have dedicated myself to further Vandor's will. Why did he not protect me from that sword?
The avatar raised and eyebrow, then spoke with little emotion. "Vandor protects the weak and innocent, not half-wits who don't wear armor into a battle."
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