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Teachings of Vandor

Author: submitted to the Library by Khol Thunderwalker
Date: July, 8,1009
In a time long past, a legendary champion of the common people ascended to stand amongst the gods. Those who choose to follow Vandor must walk the path.

The path of Vandor

Since the dawn of life, all manner of creatures have come. Each race has a shared truth: there are those that either by choice or destiny are stronger than others. Whether weak or strong, all must choose the ways of good or evil... To serve the self at the cost of others or to serve others at the cost of one's self. Those that choose to walk the path of Vandor are those who protect and avenge the weak and the innocent that they may see these deeds and choose to serve the greater good. There are other gods which also serve the greater good that shall forever be impeded by their own sense of morality. Those who walk the path see clearly the truth: that to serve the greater good is not enough. To finally defeat the forces of evil, one must do whatever it takes, letting nothing stand in your way. There are many who espouse that there is a balance between good and evil and this is true but this is only true because most of the forces of good impose codes and rules for how they oppose the enemy while the forces of evil do not.  When you know in your heart what is right and good, you must act without hesitation to see it done.

When the weak or innocent are threatened, do whatever you must to see them safe or die trying for you shall either succeed and show the forces of evil the price of their actions or you shall fail and in your dying breath show them that their greatest weapon, fear, is useless against the faithful of Vandor.

When evil succeeds, it must be shown the price.  Bring great and terrible vengeance to the transgressor and they shall be destroyed or they will survive and, in feeling the horrible price, be turned away from their wicked ways.  Should the wicked taste vengeance and seek revenge, then the cycle of vengeance is begun and the faithful of Vandor will ultimately triumph.

Duties of the faithful
Should one who is weak or innocent ask for your protection, you must give it and protect them whatever the cost until they are safe.Should one who fights for the forces of good ask you to avenge them, you must do so.

The Templars of Vandor
There are different tiers of worshippers of Vandor. The Templars are an order formed by Avendar at the request of Vandor himself to promote his domains. The Templars are those who have who have done great deeds for the church, sacrificed much, and willing to do whatever it takes to serve Vandor's principles. The first Templars, Higer and Khol, were annointed by Vandor himself.
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