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Delirium Writing

The language, perhaps, of the twins with scissors:

Esta a maneira que foi, do xeito que eu lembro. E o que mis me irrita que este non o xeito que eu lembro. Non, eu estou a fra, que viven das vidas. Das vidas que non son mias. Pero eles deben ser. Deben ser.

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This is the way it was, the way I remember. And what irritates me most is that this is not the way I remember. No, I'm out there, living two lives. Two lives that are not mine. But they should be. Should be.

From the creatures that lived in the place now called Hibernia:

Sumir dagar, egar g vel a skr tma ... g grta. g grenja af sorg. g grenja af kvl. g hrpa til allra eirra tapast. g hrpa til eirra sem jst hendur a sem g hef bi til. Og svo eru dagar egar g gegnum trin mn, glejast me ekkingu sem g hef fordmdur eim sem myndu misnota Rnaletur. g hef fordmdur eim, eins og g hef veri fordmdur. Munurinn er s a g arf a vera me fjandanum ... og fyrir eru eir veitt dauanum.

Some days, when I choose to record time ... I cry. I cry of grief. I cry of agony. I call to all those lost. I cry for those who suffer at the hands of what I have created. And then there are days when I am through my tears, rejoice with the knowledge that I have damned those who would abuse the Runes. I have damned them, as I have been damned. The difference is that I need to have a hell ... and then they are given over to death.


Just the Common translation is here, because the pictures were too much.

:That's why they follow me. And they want to be like me. They want to serve? No, they want to be me. They want to be a magician. ... So so be it.:

Old Language of a Clan:

Mae heddiw yn ddiwrnod o ryddhad. Heddiw mae yn awr, y mae yn awr. HEDDIW rhaid i chi weithredu. Nid oes ddoe, nid oes unrhyw addewid o yfory. Mae heddiw yn y dydd ar gyfer gweithredu. Cynllun yn gyflym, yn gweithredu yn dreisgar, yn rhedeg i lawr. Mae'r noson yn gostwng. Cyn bo hir, bydd yn cael ei iddi nosi. Twilight, yna nos am byth. Maent yn dod. Ac yn fuan, ni fydd gennych y modd i frwydro yn eu herbyn.

Back to Common:

Today is a day of liberation. Today, now, it is now. TODAY you must act. There is no yesterday, no promise of tomorrow. Today is the day for action. Designed for fast, violent action, running down. The night is falling. Soon, it will be dark. Twilight, then night forever. They come. And soon, you will not have the means to fight them.

Insectafae (Low)

Si seulement mes mots pourraient vous joindre. Mais la main qui crit pour moi est endommag. Elles sont toutes endommages. Aucun mot ne peut exprimer la profondeur de ma douleur est. Aucun mot ne peut exprimer combien je suis en colre. Comment je suis gravement bless. Et aucun mot ne peut exprimer le manque de soins que je vois ici. Et tandis que je peine, j'ai aussi s'y complaire, ce manque flagrant de prise en charge. Mon cur se tourne vers la pierre, et c'est pour le plus grand bien qu'il le fasse. Car si je me soucie de trop, alors je ne peux pas tre le magicien, je suis cens tre. Que je suis. Que je deviendrai.

Back to Common:

If only my words could reach you. But the hand that wrote to me is damaged. They are all damaged. No words can express the depth of my pain is. No words can express how I'm angry. How I am seriously wounded. And no words can express the lack of care that I see here. And while I just, I also take pleasure in this blatant lack of care. My heart turns to stone, and it is for the greater good it does. Because if I care too much, then I can not be the magician, I'm supposed to be. I am. What will become of me.
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