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Valas & Rosetta I

The night of August 2nd, 1010 M.R. - Aven

He woke up on the disc, and looked to either side before giving a sigh and sitting up. "Well... here I am."
I believe I'm familiar with that series of plays... Firefly, was it not?
"Huh?" Valas looked up into the black void. "I don't follow."
You don't need to; I follow you. What's this? A yawn in the Dreaming?
Valas put a hand over his mouth. "Sorry... haven't felt as rested as I probably ought to be. Granted, this is the Dreaming; I always thought stuff like this wasn't supposed to carry over."
And I thought UnDead never get tired, replied Rosetta's voice, slightly irritated.
"For a faerie who claims to be following me, you sure don't pay attention," challenged Valas back, getting to his feet. "At least here I'm not injured...
The voice gave its own sigh. Well, I'm sure you needed the rest. Feeling rested? Feeling alright?
"Feeling off. I was planning on just doing some office work, but instead stayed up until two bells in the morning, dealing with not cool stuff."
...right. Anything else you need to get off your chest?
"Yeah, actually. my question is as to how fixed or fluid the spell paths you learn are. As in: can I start learning Seer one through six for my third path this upcoming gathering, after six events and having learned the six spells in that path, can I THEN drop my SECOND Necro path (keeping the first one), learn a second Seer path which would be two through seven, then drop my FIRST Necro path, and learn another random path... OR do you have to unlearn your paths in order?"
There was a long pause. ...you people and your ever changing magic. Yes, you can do that, and no, you don't have to unlearn paths in any order, really. If I have Abjury, Shaman, and Healer(one, two, three), and I unlearn Shaman, then the third moves up(one, two). My restriction also bumps up. HOWEVER, when you unlearn an entire path if you want to pick up a third one (one two three with Seer being the third), you have to learn Seer spells in Order. The up and downside to one cost-buy downs is you can keep your path, so long as you don't want the sixth or seventh of it, and just learn all the spells you want back into it, in any order.

Valas blinked.

So, for example, if I were a Necromancer twice over and a Seer... I decide I really want Skew Divination in a hurry(along with other spells), but I like my Seer path and I don't really care about UnDead Soldier and Embrace Death and all that. So, I can either go once a Necromancer and once a Seer, and then from one through six, or (two through seven) start learning new spells in progression (in this example, one through six Assassin). BUT I could also: Get rid of Embrace Death, UnDead Soldier, Create UnDead, Beckon Corpse, Disease Weapon, and keep Zombie Send, which still makes me a Necromancer twice over with one path devoted to Seer, effectively keeping me with three paths of magic-- Valas arched an eyebrow as Rosetta's voice chuckled. --and at the next gathering I attended, I could learn Regional in the seventh circle. Or Armor-Piercing Weapon, which is the Assassin's sixth spell. And work my way down, getting my more powerful spells first. Even if the majority of the spells are Assassin, because I didn't unlearn completely my second path of Necromancer, I'm still a Necromancer twice over, AND a Seer.

Valas raised the other eyebrow.

Make sense?

Valas took a step back from the center, looking around. "I... think so?"
An elf dressed in an opened shirt of dark purple and a long robe of black with silver-colored leggings stepped barefoot onto the disc to join the Northerner. "You think so?" it said, using Rosetta's voice as it ran a hand through its wild purple and brunette hair.
Valas cleared his throat as he held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. "Okay, okay, yeah, I gotcha, I'm just probably not thinking it through enough. I'm pretty sure if I go to the gathering this weekend I'm gonna start picking up Seer as a third path, because I need freaking answers and can't be dependent on others for them."
The elf smiled yet its brow furrowed. "Answers for what?"
"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Master Rosetta. Questions about The Five Counselors and the Black Star Guild. How they're connected, and why, because it sure as hell doesn't make any sense to me why a cult of fae-haters would want anything to do with the likes of your kind, let alone why they're after me. Plus... Blackwood very badly needs a damn Seer," Valas added, folding his arms across his chest as his face looked annoyed.
"Oh Valas, you don't need to do that," Rosetta purred, suddenly behind the taller man and yet giving his shoulders a strong massage. "Just lie down, assume the party submission position, and the party people will come and take you to the party."
Valas craned his neck over his shoulder as he shook Rosetta off. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"
Rosetta sighed then gave a quick cough, rolling his eyes. "I see my sense of humor has died in the two of you."
Valas faced Rosetta now, tense. "What the fuck are you talking about?!"
"Heh. SHIBI," Rosetta cast the Rune at Valas, who immediately relaxed (though he didn't look happy about it). "It was a JOKE, my student. I will warn thee, though. Seers do get hit with Skew Divination, or Interventions can be used to scramble answers," the elf continued, walking around Valas in a circle.
"There are dreams, Dreams, dream-symbolism, etc. People hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see! As I just went through explaining myself to... who was that wonderful woman?" asked Rosetta, purple eyes looking upward into the darkness, a finger tapping on his chin. "She was a young Mage with demon problems... anyway, I went through explaining myself last night. At least, I think it was last night. You won't know everything, dear Valas... and maybe not even until maybe after I am long gone and The Five Counselors, in their various inceptions, are put to rest."
Valas turned, looking down at the elf. "Wait, what?"
"Oh, let me pull you back." The elf rubbed the temples on his face. "You wish to be a Seer."
"And you wish answers."
"And I'm attempting to say that even as a Seer AND even walking the Mage path, the path of Space and Fire, Valas, you won't know everything. You'll be surprised, thrown off, possibly terrified, angry, attacked when you think you should be fine, shocked that no one's hitting you when by all accounts you should be beat down, etc." Rosetta sighed, staring into Valas's eyes. "Not all adventurers know everything. Mages and Druids just act as though they do, and sheep follow the Shepard. That's why the Mage path is hard. The option to abuse and use other adventurers as tools, is immense."
"Oh Eris, yeah I know that!" Valas grumbled. "Even if I could have access to all the information, I don't have the skill to attain it all."
"Then if you're good with that, you'll be fine." Rosetta smiled.
"I'm not saying it won't drive me fucking nuts, I just think being able to divine answers instead of relying on others will be at least a few good steps in the right direction."
"And Blackwood needs a Seer," Rosetta reminded him.
"As of Saturday night a lot of things have come into question, and I can't trust the Dreaming to give me answers directly. Fuck, even Seer magic may not work as well as I hope, but it's worth a shot. No offense," he said, walking away to the edge of the disc.
"None taken. Things like what?"
"Airavarri told me that he obtained information of all that happened Saturday night in The Dreaming, and that somehow it was fabricated by the Black Star Guild. He didn't offer any actual proof, but it's a disturbing enough notion and somewhat plausible, so I need to find out what the hell is going on and whether or not I can trust what I see, what I hear, what I learn in The Dreaming. That's at the top of the list right now."
"Continue..." Rosetta arched an eyebrow.
"I'm quite curious about the Rosetta comment that little girl's voice made, even though I totally played it off as nothing to Phoenix Rose."
"What comment was that?" asked Rosetta but Valas continued to talk over him. "This whole five plus one counselor thing is also quite intriguing, as it's the first time I have heard of it."
"The Rhymer was Mab's Lover, too... 'but this story isn't about him.' And how is Phoenix Rose doing?"
"The little girl voice called me Rosetta--likely just to see my reaction to it. 'Me equal Valas', I told her, but she laughed..." Valas turned when Rosetta didn't respond. "As for Phii, not a clue, that was the first time I had ever really talked to her and I didn't see her after I returned her spell book."
"Congratulations," said Rosetta. "Maybe now you can meet girls."
"I've met plenty of girls."
"Maybe you can strike up a friendship with girls!" grinned Rosetta mockingly. "Or see if she's single. Ged and Demetria met through the Paths. Who knows?" Rosetta drew forth a rose from his sleeve, bright white, and gave it a deep sniff, held it, and then exhaled slowly. "Anyway, I'm not playing match-maker... What else can I answer for you?"
"Festival of Val'Dara... the Disc showing up. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it."
"As you wish... I noted that when using it for the first time who moved, and who didn't, and why. Shane is a pacer, but Shane didn't move from Inventor. He said it was because he felt that's where he belonged, and he wouldn't be true to himself if he paced. However, I noted that he's always moving, rocking back and forth, etc. He cannot keep still.
"The young kid, Celestral, the one with the bandanna, once he spent a good hour there, he understood and got into the swing of things, bouncing between Defender and Druid. Good mix if you asked me. Rel certainly enjoyed it, and with Rel being less active now-a-days...
"Valarie was way over her head. She chose the one closest to Mage, which was Druid, but opposing me specifically. It was easy for us to fight, but then Valarie decided to go for Mage, and as a Mage, was intriguing, especially when she got the first idea to jump for the middle. Granted, it killed her because she wasn't sorted; you can't go in five directions. These things."

"Wait, you want to let people pace because people pace while they think if it helps, but... you don't want them to have to switch counselors? Or... am I missing your point?" Valas gave him a confused look.
"More like this...hmmm...Ah, you're a good example. Valas stayed on Mage the entire time, until he chose to come on over to the Rhymer or Outsider position, if you will."
"I paced the entire time in there, too."
"Yes, but you could have paced farther. Mage, however, is where you are comfortable. I also know that you were injured."
"I could have, and I believed that going into other places would've been 'Okay'... and would have likely given me knowledge, but I just didn't care at the moment. And after you showed up," said Valas, "I wasn't going anywhere. I didn't stay there because I was injured, I stayed there because I wanted to... FYI."
"Fair enough. In the case of Laertes, he did everything but Dreamer and Mage; he paced a lot. Harlest and Phoenix Rose were awesome as Dreamers, then Harlest flipped over to Druid, then Inventor. Bouncing back and forth is fine...huh." He looked over his shoulder into the darkness.
"What, what's the matter?" Valas looked in Rosetta's direction.
"Another Dream...I'll see you later. And do me a favor: try to remember what I said."
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