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Dream of Valas's Torture

Dreamer: Those on the Path of Space and Fire
Date: 07/14/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: Yes.
It is dark, all around. A forest. A black forest. Night has fallen. It
is cold. Wind-biting cold, and yet there is no moon tonight.
It shouldn't be this cold.
Looking to the left and right confirms: tied down to an altar of
stone. Chiseled stone? Stone with markings. And your own blood,
pooled, cooled, drools down the sides.

Chanting. Recanting. Shanties about your life, your heart, your power,
your soul.
They come to you, open your mouth. Though you bite, fight, attempt
to take flight,
they force bitter food, bitter drink, bitterness down your throat.
It fills you, overwhelms you, makes it so that other things must be let go.

They mark you. You twitch, try to get away. They mark you over and
over and over. Scarification? Tattoos?
Over and over, too much repeating.
Still more they force down you: you lose.

And you see them: the other Mages, all of them. You see them, just
over the bushes, through the trees, peering at you. Not stopping the
And it goes on, it continues.
They keep breaking your bones as they stuff you, and heal you up to
keep it in.
They even take your bonds off once or twice and then beat you down
as you escape and they put you back.
More bitter food. More rancid tastes. More illness of the mind and the
heart and the soul and the body.

You scream at them to stop in-between bouts of being stuffed and
emptied, emptied and stuffed.
You scream for help.
You scream for any thing that cares.
You scream for release.
...And when I came back to my senses from trancing, I was violently ill from being 'over-stuffed'. It all came out rancid with dark colors, and there was a bad headache afterward. It felt as though I was battling severe dehydration with a cotton mouth. Rest and water and easy foods eventually got me back on track. I thought it was an 18-hour bug, that I had been working too hard. And then only later did I realize it was about Valas Baneshot, and his torture for months under his relative, Rose Baneshot and The Circle. - Aven
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