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Cleansing - Part 1

Type of Missve: private, to the Kathrani
Date: November 19, 1012
Responses: none
It is specifically the mandate of the Kathrani to cleanse taint. But in
a more circumspect sense it is their mandate to champion the ideals the
Munuko are looking for as they watch, administer trials and agree to the
Trial of one.

Cleansing is far from the only thing the Munuko can do, but it is chief
among the weapons against the KalkreBain. The very mystery of why the
KalenDral would agree to such a pairing and emphasize the removal of
taint bears considerable meditation on your parts. Not only does it
raise questions about the nature of taint itself, but also about where
you as a group and as individuals fit into how the KalenDral order the

Cleansing will be different for every person. There is no better way to
say this. What you may envision will be very different from what I
envision. However, through practice and trust in the Munuko we all come
to similar conclusions. In effect you learn what works from a meditative
and imaginative standpoint by trial and error. But it is important that
you have a clear understanding of the wheel of the elements. It is
community. It is working in concert. The better the synchronicity the
greater the resulting circle, regardless what it is exerting itself to

The steps to cleansing are simple from the perspective of one who has
long acquaintance with the process. But early in the years of the
Kathrani it became a sad practice to withold valuable information. The
goal there was not, I think, to deprive Ichigiritorennin of insight.
But the source was one of two things: either laziness or a paralyzing
fear of holding to tightly to the reins of the newer generation. For my
own part the knowledge was free to acquire for the asking. And it
saddens me to recount that few asked, and of those, fewer still allowed
the information to pass through them as freely.

It is not enough that we record essays and reports and musings. These
are passive lessons. Just as few of you have any notion of whence the
idea behind Ruken came or why so too will you read anything that is
offered and cherry-pick only those things that are important to you at
the time you read the lesson.

The greatest proof of this is in the very beginning of your tutelage
with the Munuko. You become Ichigiritorennin when you recieve Trials.
But the word does not mean that you have trials. It means that you know
the path. It is a presumption by the Munuko based upon the observations
they have made of you before offering you trials. So often the
presumption is wrong because most Ichigiritorennin stumble immediately.
You accept the trials and they invariably include some pressing matter.
And yet the trials are assumed, the title if Ichigiritorennin is assumed
but no one grasps or reaches beyond what they are immiediately told.
This is all too dangerous in the unfortunate scheme wherein the
KalenDral and the KalkreBain have fought to a stand still and finally
agreed not to act lest the opponent be freed to do likewise.

The trials are six-fold or ten-fold depending on the circle. There is
always the one trial that is never spoken because that is the nature of
the trial. So I will allow you to cherry-pick this if it is your will.
The unnamed trial is Initiative. Through the period of being watched by
the Kal spirits it becomes apparent to them that you are one who might
make a great ally. But they do not know if what they have observed is
just happy accidents or a true showing of that which you are made. And
so you are offered the trials. Few if any pass the trial of initiative.
What is it? Act! If you know the path, then you know what to do. Do
it. You are not bound from action as the Kal spirits are.

As this pertains to cleansing and taint it should be clear by now. That
Tetch even had need of damming up this world from Taint should tell you
that none of the Kathrani or Ichigiritorennin were on the path. So that
is the path of the Kathrani, the Ichigiritorennin and the Ruken. Find
your way to the path. Walk the path. And never assume that your trials
or your giri are split in two by the imagined wedge relevance. You can
make all the distinctions you wish about what is what. In the end your
effectiveness is the casualty of drawing lines in the sand to denote
what is Kathrani business and what is not.

When it comes time to cleanse ask yourselves what the steps are?
Certainly you should have someone appropriate at the four points.
Certainly, should have found a tainted object or person. Certainly you
should be physically and temporally able to enter the trance for the
cleansing. Certainly you should have the capacity to defeat the taint
you have targetted. But are you doing this alone? Even when I cleansed
with no other Kathrani or Ichigiritorennin I did not achieve this on my

Who helped me?


Cleansing is often reduced to numbers but I will not do that for you.
It is your duty as Kathrani or hopeful Kathrani to learn the process and
adapt yourselves to it. You can bend your mind around any number of
analogies concerning the process. But the steps remain the same. The
steps always happen in a certain order. The order should be familiar by

First - There is the recognition of a need. This is profound and yet
also the most simple component of wisdom. Whether you are recognizing
that there is a problem in Chimeron and Fae or noticing that your long
time friend and companion seems irritable today your ability to
determine that something is amiss is key. It is Ma.

Second - You must focus. This is, of course, elementary to To. You are
seeking the problem or at least some proof thereof. Regardless of
whether you are using To's blessing to see if there is taint in a person
or if you are just using your head to decipher all the evidence available
to you.

Third - You must have a weapon. In cleansing this is your Ka. In
another situation it might be a rope to lower yourself into a pit.
Without the means and tools to act you can go no further and reasonably
hope for anything good to come of it.

Fourth - Resilience comes next. Can you and your goal withstand the
rigors or what you intend to do? Can you heal the inevitable hurts in
the aftermath? Can you adapt to the new situation you will create by
acting? Ko is your footing.

Five - The Kathrani don't cleanse alone. Ask the Munuko for aid. This
one simple step has tripped up even the oldest living Kathrani. Your
relationship to the Munuko is built on trust but it doesn't exist if you
don't communicate with them. This is the point when they will offer
their advice, and caution you with your communal limitations.

And now the cycle begins again. This time you act in concert with the
Munuko and with more focus.

Cleansing without the Munuko
The most basic way to cleanse does actually occur without the Munuko.
Taint is a sickness of the soul. It necessarily follows that what is
good for the soul is bad for taint. This is the hard road, but even the
Munuko would acknowledge that it is the worthier road. Unfortunately,
you can't cleanse another this way. You can only cleanse yourself.
This is done through the appropriate expenditure of all of your various
energies throughout a day, followed by nourishing food, water and rest.
This process may take several cycles of resting but it can be done. While
you may read this as depletion this is consumate to life. You are given
energy through your soul. It is meant to be used in certain ways based
on the truths of your own soul. For one man it might be hard labor such
as chopping wood and building something useful for his family. For
another it might be sailing through perilous weather to new horizons.
It is intensely personal and spiritual work. And I am sad to say even
evil deeds can cleanse an evil soul.

The vary nature of taint makes this whole process nearly impossible.
Irritability leads to lack of focus and inability to recuperate properly.
As such this method cannot be relied upon by individuals that are
anything less than singular in their willpower.

Forget the assumption the the fire of Ka is somehow magical for it is
not. Fire that you stoke in the middle of the camp is little different
from the fire that you and the Munuko may invoke in soul of a tainted
person. Fire will kill taint. However, to wipe out the taint in a soul
with fire kindled by hand alone would require complete immolation of the
body and at temperatures well beyond what you would typically be able to
control. The point here is that the spirit of, say, a forest is closer
to the physical surface than your own is. A forest fire could
potentially wipe the taint in a region. But if a person were set ablaze
in hopes of the same results you would do more harm than good. Even
were you to kill the victim first so as to protect them from the taint
you might only succeed in giving the taint room to advance whilst likely
failing to stoke a fire hot enough to burn taint out of their soul.

In the end this line of inquiry bears research but not practice, and
would most certainly be considered a malappropriation of the attributes
of Ka.
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