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The Portal Path

This is the path of magic I wrote while in the Mysts, on the stained glass discs, as part of my tests involving using the powers of the Mage.

Portal Conduit - Second Circle
Uses: 2 - VC: 20 words - AC: Must be cast on an already created
magical gateway, and then be followed by a second spell.

This spell allows a single spell to be cast through one portal into
another. The distance between the portals is meaningless to the
spell. If the spell has a requirement such as a rope on the ground, it
can be put on the near portal and the effect is transferred to the far


Create Gateway - Third Circle
Uses: 1 - VC: 40 words - AC: A ritual including components relating to
boundries between planes. Circles of stone and hematite are good
starting places.

This spell creates a closed magical gateway. It has no other effects
on its own.


Remote Gateway - Fourth Circle
Uses: 1 - VC: 40 words - AC: A ritual similar to Create Gateway.

This spell creates a closed magical gateway elsewhere in the
multiverse. The ritual requires a target, such as a very specific
location, an item, or a person, although that is risky. The gateway
manifests near the target. The ritual should be based on a connection
to the target.

If the portal does not appear precisely where the spellcaster
attempted, he still gets an image of where it ended.


Shift Remote Gateway - Fifth Circle
Uses: 1 - VC: 50 words - MC: Any, optional, but certain MCs may
produce better results - AC: Must be cast after a Remote Gateway has

This spell shifts a magical gateway which the spellcaster just
finished creating through time. The spellcaster should identify the
time he wants it to be in as closely as possible.

If the portal does not appear precisely where the spellcaster
attempted, he still gets an image of where it ended.


Protect Planar Traveler - Sixth Circle
Uses: 1 - VC: 30 words - MC: A sash with the verbal component writen
on it. AC: Lie on back and wear sash

This spell protects the caster from dangerous energies and similar
hazards which may be encountered when travelling between linked
magical gateways. The spell only ends when the sash is removed by the
spellcaster or Disenchanted. This spell follows the Protection Path


Open Path - Seventh Circle
Uses: 1 - VC: 40 words - MC: A magical gateway

This spell forces open a path between two magical gateways. The caster
must be present at one, and have clear knowledge of where the other
is. Once the path is open, it will normally remain open for 30
seconds, allowing travel between either gateway. It will also be
receptive to spells cast with Portal Conduit.

Anyone who enters either gateway can expect to emerge from the other,
no matter how far away it may be, even passing through planar
boundries or times. However, the travel itself may have its dangers.

Ritual components:
Natural circle of stones (or circle of natural stones if necessary)
Hematite to go among the stones
Yarrow for releasing, to make it easier to leave
Lotus for strength and energy, I'll need lots of that
Mint for travel and power
Mugwort for ease travel
Wormwood for clairvoyance
Of course, my own possessions, which are linked to my time and
place. In particular, the last, whithered flower Tara gave me at Feast
of Chimeron.

Set the yarrow along the edges of where you want the gateway to
Burn the lotus.
The mint is consumed by the spell, and the mugwort remains as a focus.
Then burn the wormwood to help see the location for the distant portal.

Other components: A good sash. To be worn as a headband, I think.

Portal Conduit: (20 words)
Let my magic flow along the pathway between these two gates! Let the
spell follow the path which soon I shall take!

Create Gateway: (40 words)
I create a gateway in the reality of this place. The gateway is
closed, but can be linked to another when the time is right. This
gateway is in the center of the circle of stones, where planar
boundries weaken.

Remote Gateway: (40 words)
I reach across the planes and create a portal. Its location is guided
by Bright Oakfellow's grove, where my mind has a strong connection
through the knowledge I gained there. The portal appears beside a Yew
tree, a symbol of Fae.

Shift Remote Gateway: (50 words)
Reaching out to the gateway I created in a far-away place, I push
through Time itself. The gateway is in the right location, but not the
right time. It must speed fowards, faster than time normally flows, to
reach my own time. The time after the Fae War, after King Cuchullain
was crowned, after the Nexus showed the heroes of the Realms a
potential future, after Eagles Rook broke from Chimeron and closed
itself to Faerie magics.

Protect Planar Traveller: (30 words)
I wrap myself in magical protections to ward off the dangers of
travelling between portals. Anything could be out there, so let my
spell keep me from harm. Protect Planar Traveller!

Open Path: (40 words)
Now, with these two gateways, I forge a path through the fabric of the
multiverse! The pathway connects them, and the two gates open! Now,
travel between these two distant times and places is possible! I OPEN
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