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Ged's Runes

Type of Missve: Five Counselors' List
Date: July 10th, 1011 M.R.
Responses: none
I finally have a list of the Runes I believe to be complete and as accurate as I can make it. You need only come see me in Faerie or in Rel's Grove in Nymphus Yarrow, and I will show you the list and allow you to make a copy.


It is dangerous in largest part to you and those you hold dear. These Runes unlock immense power, but if used incorrectly, they very quickly lead to death, destruction, and what's worse, problems which can be long-lasting and difficult to solve afflicting those around you.

I considered marking some of these Runes as being particularly dangerous, such as the ones that activate the instant you say them, or the one that kills you outright when you speak it.

I chose not to. They are all dangerous, every last one, and to single some out is only to invite careless use of the rest.

I will gladly teach any of you who have asked and find a chance to contact me the Runes, as I have said before. You could also learn from Aisling, or Rosetta himself. And as people learn to use them and gain confidence, they will become teachers as well.

But if you choose to use a Rune, or a spell, on your own, the consequences are yours and yours alone. Treat this as you would any power being given to you in any other form, be it a sword or the True Name of a god. The question is not the power, it is what you do with it, and whether you use it responsibly.

I hope that this allows some of you to decipher and understand artifacts you find, or spells used against you, and that those who wish to learn them will be able to make time to come find a teacher.

We are well past the time to be working together. May this information be put to good use.

- Ged

(OOC: To respect the wishes of the plot marshals, if you wish to have a personal copy of these, PLEASE DO NOT PRINT THEM OUT. Copy them off of the screen physically, so that you have put in the work yourself. Also, if you do copy them, please send me an email so I know who Ged has given them to. He is not restricting them from heroes of the Realms walking the path, but would logically know who they are.

The link representing Ged's notebook is http://www.giantsquid.net/~epw/runebook/

Thank you!)
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