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Ged and the Berrystalk

Written by: Demetria Highwater and Tara Harkon
Date: Yule, 1009

Ged and the Berrystalk

A Human Tale for Faerie Children

Once upon a time there was a young adventurer named Ged, who was well on his way to becoming a Mage. He was very smart, but also very impulsive. He also cared for people and always tried to help them. Combined with that intelligence and impulsiveness, it often got Ged into trouble.

One such time, Ged found himself wandering through the woods of Faerie, having gotten himself transported to the First Age. You see, Ged had tried to Seance the Mysts of Forgetfulness, which we all know is a silly idea.

Now eventually, Ged, being an intelligent lad, decided it would be best to contact his home. Luckily for him, he had been gifted with a magical robe, a present from Queen Mab's counselor and handmaiden, Nimbus. In the pockets of this robe, Ged could pull out any number of useful items. Such items included some berries from Rel's Grove in the present day, where he was currently residing. Using his mage-like ingenuity, Ged set up a circle of five berries and attempted a Seance to contact Rel.

Unfortunately, as most people know, it is rather difficult to Seance someone who isn't dead, so Ged could only speak to Rel and not see or hear him.

And then, towards the end of his Seance, Ged decided to do something rather impulsive. He poured as much magic and power into the berries as he could, hoping to be able to get an answer or link home or something else useful.

Instead, Ged was given something unexpected. From the berries sprouted an enormous stalk, which Ged, knowing how to Resist Death, held onto and rode on a vine up to the top. When the berrystalk finished growing, Ged was amazed to see a vast canopy beneath the stars, stretched out as far as the eye could see. The breathtaking view was augmented by the heightened magic in the air surrounding him. Ged was able to tap into the powers of the Twilight, which was the domain of Rel Zhirah. As the magic surrounded his hands in both light and dark energy, Rel himself appeared as a spirit to him. Ged was horrified, however, to find that this Rel had a gaping wound in his chest. Even stranger, Rel seemed rather pleased. When questioned, he replied with his immortal words of wisdom.

"If you think you're time traveling," said he, "stab yourself."

Words of wisdom indeed, for with Rel in spectral form, he could speak to Ged whereas the previous Seance had failed. They spoke for a good deal of time, eventually getting on the topic of how to bring Ged home.

They eventually began crafing a plan involving the elements, which gave Ged a feeling of accomplishment and pride. It also caused him to start pacing, 100 feet in the air, something he still does to this day.

Before they could enact their plan, however, there was a disruption. A young girl, Tara Harkon by name, was climbing the stalk. As a friend of both Ged and Rel, she was welcomed but not before they warned her, quite soundly, about the dangers of being around.

Such dangers presented themselves soon, in the form of Oberon's Unseelie archers, on assignment to empty the forests.

In a stroke of magelike impulse, Ged Raised Rel's spirit and attempted to follow it back to its body.

Nowa s you may recall, Ged could Resist Death and thought that a good way to follow Rel would be by leaping off the vinestalk. Now, luckily, he and Tara survived the fall, but Rel was gone.

In his stead, there was a legion of goblins and Unseelie archers.

Suddenly, a fireball lit the forest ablaze, which Ged was able to use to escape. The goblins pursued, and both Tara and Ged fought bravely to defend themselves and each other.

As they ran, a gate appeared, revealing a now revived Rel in his Grove. Tara passed through but as Ged ran towards it, he was blocked by a wall of purple energy. Try as they might, they could find no way to get Ged through. In a last ditch attempt, Rel invoked the Beast. There was an explosion, and Ged was gone.

What happened next, children, is another story altogether.

Tria Highwater
Tara Harkon
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