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Pre-cog 4/20/11

It is winter in the desert.
There is a man in his office, sleeping at his desk, mounds of paperwork surrounding him.
Silently slip in some figures: you see Iawen, Magnus, Quazar, Sir K, and Ged.
They steal across the office without even a noise, and two make gestures in the air.
Arcane energy in a sheen of bright white seems to cover all the open window space.
Iawen gently wakes the man, who is surprised and very happy to see her, but when he sees the others he gets suspicious.
Since the man is now sitting up, you can see it is Valas Baneshot.
He starts asking questions, but the only one who speaks is Iawen, and soon a small arguement is had.
Sir K and Magnus have had enough and outright thug (flat) Valas.
As he is being carried out, Ged and Iawen stay behind, pulling out wide Tomes and searching Valas's desk for something.
You see the cat, Ash, in the hidden crack behind the dresser, who had a dead mouse and was coming to show off his prize, get very scared and back up before retreating (unbeknown to them) entirely.
(This was a precognition that Tria used, asking about Valas's disappearance so many, many moons ago. - Aven)
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