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Outsider Dream

Dreamer: N/A
Date: 06/08/2011
Where dream occured: N/A
Interpretation included: N/A
It's strange to see a person you really recognize so clearly in a dream, and yet there it is:

Laurante (albeit dressed somewhat oddly) leads the pack against men and women who are covered in scales, wearing little clothing and defending lore and treasure alike, and certainly defending themselves and their captives against any sort of rescue.

Meanwhile, Atticus is attempting to quell any and all magical resistances... but oddly the majority of that isn't coming from the enemy. There are people within the group that would like it if the two failed hard-core. But what is it that makes that some people (in their hearts, they DARE not say it to their faces lest they themselves lose face) hope that this quest ends in failure than saving the life of a Mage and killing a sect of the Guild?

...is his life worth saving? What does anyone really know about Valas Baneshot, anyway? Isn't he Black Star Guild spawn?
...Laurante is evil, and must be stopped. He isn't sharing information with us, and he's also just creepy. Doesn't he work for Bedlam?
...Atticus is getting full of himself. Just because he gained a sudden boost in popularity, he thinks he can just come in and tell us what to do. What does he know?
...or maybe people are just mad at the good fortune that could possibly become of a Northerner and a Southerner working together. Outsiders, the lot of them. They want nothing more than to see you fail, see you fall...What are you doing here, Outsider? You're not one of us. Get lost.

Fair warning.
"Can you hear me? I hope you can. Please, I ask this, but do not order: please save this Mage. He was predestined, but he had no say in things as he was a child then, and just as he was helpless then, he is helpless now. There is enough suffering in both Faerie and the Mortal Realms... must your people prolong another's? Please rescue him, on behalf of the Queen's request, and myself. I am Duke Domino, Duke of Magic and the Court Mage of Faerie, challenged by Ged Loremipsum, and Servant of Rosetta from ages past. Rescue him, and in return I will rescue one of yours should they ever find themselves in a similar manner."
Tags: Personal Account, Player Character
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