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Clue Dreams

Dreamer: Across the Realms.
Date: 07/02/2011
Where dream occured: Across the Realms
Interpretation included: Yes.
You and your adventuring companions break out into an odd clearing. There are soft colored lights, hanging in a forest or a woodsy-type area. There are 12 circles of rope, each with a bright light and some sort of marking over it connecting one circle.

Over-seeing this whole thing is a large creature, with many tendrils coming off of its person. A large, odd-shaped head. But the creature isn't lashing out. In fact, it is just sitting there. It is old, and looks very worried.

In the center of this circle is a balloon, and a cracked piece of something. Glass? A mirror? A star? And also... a tall man. Wait, you know this man! His name is--
"Here is your third clue. Going the long, careful route is sometimes safer than that short-cut you devise pass the hornet's nest."
(This dream ended up being about Elhazt, a Rune who was being used by The Force of the Black Star Guild to keep Quinn, Midoru (another Rune) and Tillion Bluemoon trapped within his Wards. What follows are some responses from those who got this dream or precognition... - Aven)

The dream that we had was most likely a representation of the dream that we were involved in when we were trying to save Tillion. If we're going to have to save him then we need to be aware that we need to take the long way around for the least amount of resistance.

Johan and the Dreamers,

You would very much be mistaken. The dreams and clues pertain to the Dreamer's final task. I'm sorry, but your duty to the final task is more important than one Dreamer who got stuck. A task which was set up long before he got stuck. It is unlikely you will be rescueing Tillion next week.

Everyone else,

While many of us are venturing to help the Dreamers. Not everything we come across will be for us to handle. There will also most likely be things that the Dreamers should ignore in order to move on. Among those are signs of Tillion and possible fragments of Shane's star that was shattered explosively in Achoria. Elhazt is also still in service to the BSG, and I suspect that may the creature int he third clue. The BSG will also make attempts to thwart the Dreamers as well. We know very little of what The Force are capable of doing.

Laurante D'Rhian

At the risk of starting a back and forth, I don't think Johan's interpretation should be discounted. I had the same thought as he did, and because of the nature of the Dreamers, rescuing Tillion might actually be part of the task. I believe this is a situation where the answer will not become apparent until the moment it happens. Keep your heads up, Dreamers, you have a hard night ahead of you. I apologize for being unable to make it, but do let me know if there's anything I can do beforehand or afterwards.

I was asking for the clues in particular, please, if any one can actually answer that.

The dreams, the clues. Not interpretations, please.

Tria? Is Ged back yet? If not, that Rune list, please.

And Laurante? If you think I'm going to ignore helping one of the few people who still will trust me and call me his friend, even after what I did to him, you are VERY mistaken. I know this is our final task, but I am not ever going to leave one of us behind if I can damn well please.

Are you fucking kidding me? Has nothing you have been told from multiple sources gotten through your thick skull? Your duty is to Fae and the Queen. Then your family, friends, and countrymen. The minute you chose anything else over your duty you fail. When you fail and start dragging others in away from their duty. We fucking Lose.

We're not at some point where screw ups can be overcome and fixed. We're at the fucking end game. There are no do overs and there are no patch jobs. You buck up, do your duty, and you fucking win this.

Here's a new fucking clue for you:
You fail. Bedlam wins. World ends.


P.S. On an unrelated matter. Valas should be able to be reached via Seance. He's been wounded mentally and spiritually so badly that Luna's anger over the matter caused me to crush my own timer and practically black out. If you have the means of speaking to him and possibly starting the healing process. It would be appreciated. He body will be brought to Misty Hills next Friday so that his soul may be called back to it. Attempts at healing will be needed then as well.
I know this.
I'm not stupid.
I know how things are, and I know where people stand. Johan's backed as the Dreamer. People will help him. Plain. And. Simple.
I am still not taking any chances. I'm not leaving two pathwalkers behind. If we see them there.
Regardless of the outcome of this coming weekend, I'm still going to do everything in my power to help. I'm still going to strive to help Nimbus.
How many can say the same?

Do not tell me what to do when regarding those I give damn about. Because it's the best I can do.
They care for her too, and damn it all, that's still two more sets of hands that can help.

I can do my best to help Valas this weekend too.


I don't think you really understand it all. Just because Johan is the backed Dreamer doesn't mean he's going to be Sky and Space. All that means is there is no contention among you as to who will try and step up first at the end. If he dies, or fails in any way who's next? Harlest? Sorry, he got kicked out of the Dreaming. Gray? Nope, the Force killed him and severed his soul. Phoenix Rose? Nope, she's trapped because the BSG laid a trap with Tillion as bait.

Worst case scenario for certain. In that case though, there would have been 2 Dreamers to step up if you chose duty.

So I'm not completely sounding like a doomsayer. You forget one very important fact. The new Sky and Space can easily waltz into the Dreaming and pluck Tillion out of his trap.

Laurante D'Rhian

Leave Valas alone and do not bother him.

His soul is being watched over by the faithful.

Should any more harm come to him, BOTH of my mothers will be most displeased.

I will be taking care of the problem in Paradise.

This is non-negotiable.

Err, et all... forgive the ignorance, I know little about Valas, but there was a point made by... someone? If for some Ladies-forsaken reason we lost Johan, then another would need to take his place. Then another, and so on.

Just because Bedlam isn't smart enough to write lists and missives and things doesn't mean they're not active. And the Black Star Guild, if they could get Tillion so easily, they can get Valas, and now Shane's missing...

The pattern I see here is that people went solo or did something solo or maybe was ignored, or left alone? Or what have you?

Maybe in a week, we shouldn't travel alone. Not just us Dreamers, but any one of us Path-walkers.

The dream that I had about a clue... I'm not given an interpretation because, well... it IS the Dreaming. Can't we make these things what we want them to be? With the power of our will? The Black Stare Guild did it. Aren't we better than them by far? What do we already know about the Dreaming? I heard rumor that there was a Journal of Sands once, what did it do and how was it related to the Dreaming? What does everyone know about it?

If I remember correctly... Sir Magus Heavyhammer is the supported Defender. Sir Rel Zhirah is supported Druid. Johan (sir?) of Aerenor is supported Dreamer. I don't know about Inventor or Mage... but the point that someone made still stands. What if Mister Heavyhammer's cart breaks and he gets permanently injured? Mister Zhirah has been called away for some important projects and missions, and I heard through the fae grapevine that his wife, Dame Makela, is expecting, so he's also busy with that. What if Mister Johan joins Clan Defender (from that document I read) and fights against Bedlam and dies there?

We all need to be not just 'okay', we need to be just as good as the people we're supporting. How can we support them if we're all 'I don't know anything', or 'nobody tells me anything' or 'I'm just not as good as X'. We're all individuals, yes, but our parts are never greater than the sum. And I know that the door is open and bids us to come, because there really is room enough.

Err, I guess that was rather preachy, huh. Sorry... I'm just worried about Tillion and Shane, too, but I know I need to focus, otherwise I'll be a hypocrite.
- Gray

P.S. The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated...maybe?
Unless someone has heard something I have not, Prince Sir K is not planning on releasing Lord Valas' body until we can speak with him and determine what is going on. His state of mind and actions are in question and the Prince plans on getting some answers. I do not personally have Seance, but it someone with it could help us speak with Valas and sort this matter out; I will personally transport his body to this gathering. Otherwise, it is at the disposal of Sir K and I am not able to override his orders.

-Sir Magnus
If Sir Kerrell wants to speak with me in this matter, than I can be contacted in Coventry. Otherwise I will be dealing with this in person.

Seancing to Valas will not work.

Sir Magnus,
As you are not a member of Blackwood. I'm sure all the inner workings of theirs do not pass by your hands for approval. Sir K has spoken with me on this matter and will be bringing me the body so that Valas can be fixed. I know exactly what's wrong with him as does Dame Faelinn. Luna has given both of us an earful on the attrocities performed on one of her Favored Children.

It should be noted that the killing of him, being left for dead, and then dragged under the Planar Shield by his supposed friends is listed as one of the attrocities she's pissed about. I very much agree with her on this.

Laurante D'Rhian


I feel you are acting far beyond that of "Outsider". If you are no longer "outsider" and are not here to help... you hinder.
Guide? No, you are seeking what you always seek... glory and a name.
Act as Outsider, or don't act at all.


I don't mean to butt in, but I have have something to add that will aid in understanding. Pay close attention to the color of ink that Laurante uses in each of his missives. At times, he is most definitely not speaking as an Outsider. I think that is (ahem) coloring his tone at times as well.

Err... my lady Dame Freesia, and et all --

We're technically all 'outsiders' I think. And if the ones on the outside don't act at all because they're not 'one of us', then I'll agree with Harlest - that's childish of us.

Defenders don't know (at least, I think you guys still don't) what trials await the Mages. They are 'outsiders'. Mages have no idea what the Inventors are in for come November. They are also 'outsiders'.

I welcome any action at all rather than none, due to the fact that many of us waited and did nothing: some for personal, life-changing reasons (understandable) and some because they procrastinated or didn't want to work with others. I know this crazy dark elf gets a lot of our crap... well, mostly because I'm afraid of saying 'ponce off' to Dame Faelinn (another Outsider) like the rest of you guys, I'm assuming. -- Anyway, I know he gets a lot of bullshit from us, but so does everyone else from everyone else. Remember back when Magnus and Demetria didn't get along on the lists, and then Rel got involved, and so on? Would people speak differently to the Outsiders if they were on the respective path? Also... the crazy elf is speaking like a Defender - with as much respect as he can muster (and we all know he doesn't do that to anyone)... so maybe he has chosen a path? Squire Laurante, any thoughts?

There are so many reasons we cannot or choose not to work together.

Are there any reasons we could?
- Gray
I can think of one very good reason for us to work together.


Even whom we call Outsiders (which I believe was of Laurante's own naming), they work with us for her sake, knowing or not.

Hear, hear!

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