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Harlest's Prophecy in Words

Type of Missve: Five Counselors' List
Date: July 4th, 1011 M.R.
Responses: No.
[Whomever penned this was in a hurry- the lettering is a bit frenzied, and the alignment of the lines of text lacks uniformity.]


The lines of dreams are blurred.

Wakeful mind, restful body.

Consciousness and soul.

The shattered star of the child of land and sea.

The moon child trapped in the nightmare.

Two ghosts speak.

We listen, we forget.

I carry the messages again, in the name of the Queen, Fae and the Realms:

"Can you hear me? History is going to come into play. How much do you really know about your 'job?' Have you actually attempted any of the tasks before you? What is going on? Do you know the original story of how Masks came to be? REALLY know it?

Do you realize that you have less than a month before the stars are right, and a Dreamer is selected? What have you done? No more procrastination, no more time. If you really want this, you need to work for it. Just like we Inventors have been busting ass, and the Mages have gotten their stuff together, Dreamers are the FIRST. We NEED you guys to help the rest of us. Don't you understand what is at stake? The right to call yourself the Peacemaker, First Friend, Counselor of Sky and Space! You are the FIRST. Helping the Queen! I saw the darkness that's there, that's coming. Land and sea above, I SAW it. Here's your first clue:

'Rescue the book before the nightmare finishes.'

You guys have got to find Tillion before you start this, too."

Do you hear me? Do you listen? Do you remember? Those who walk a path, those who stand on the periphery, those who advise the advisors, the first clue is yours to interpret- but know that these words come to you as they came to me, without doubt, without question.

There is no time. Record this in your journals. Muse on it in the precious few days to come. Think while you are in motion. See with your mind's eye:

The Counselors of the First Age…

Rel of Earth and Fire,

Rosetta of Fire and Space,

Masks of Space and Sky,

Nimbus of Sky and Water, and

Gwydion of Water and Earth.

You see them.

They are holding boxes, watching you patiently.

A tree.






…Confusion. How does this work? What is to be gained here? And why is there a little star off in the corner…?

"Your second clue is: Know Your History."

I stand as a Dreamer, and we stand together. Divided, we will fall, no matter our focus or our haste. We must work together, we must protect our own, and we must never go it alone, no matter where we stand. Have you listened? Have you remembered? Have you surmounted pride, swallowed prejudice? Are you willing to play well with others, children?

I am Seitei Harlest, messenger of the Gaian pantheon. Heed my words, as they are not mine alone. These eyes have seen the truth, the hands will attempt to convey it:

You are with companions.


A clearing with soft-colored lights in woodland surroundings.

Twelve circles, marked and bound to one, brightly lit, overseen by a large creature, tendriled, its head oddly-shaped. Passive, concerned, stationary.

A balloon is contained in the very center, along with a cracked piece of glinting reflective material… and a tall man, his name is-- dreams are so very disjointed, aren't they?

"Here is your third clue. Going the long, careful route is sometimes safer than that short-cut you devise past the hornet's nest."

Discern opinion from fact. My words are not mine alone. They are the words and visions of one who Knows. They are the truth. The conclusions you draw from them are your own.

No one speaks for you but yourself.

(line art of a fox)
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