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Getting After Tillion

Type of Missve: Five Counselors' List
Date: June 28th, 1011 M.R.
Responses: None.
That's pretty much how our attempt went.

We went in, the four of us, and kicked some ass. But a strange man with a rune for a face stopped us, told us not to tell the others he'd let us go, and we woke up. Tillion's ghost is in that skerrie, surrounded by circles. I will admit I have not been studying my runes as I should have been, but I'm sure that a proper dispel will be very useful here, if we don't have access to enough Abjury to blow the circles surrounding Tillion's ghost.

As for the visual representation, I am attempting to express things more clearly visually, and I thought it might help a little as a reference.

We need to try again, I don't care if the rune has his reasons for doing this- they're not more important than our reasons for rescuing Tillion.

Fate of the Queen, fate of her world, and the one many of us dwell in as well.

Contact me if you need further clarifications.

Also contact me if you can help.

In Light,

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