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Dreams for Mages

You wake up in an open field, as the sun is fading into twilight. Looking about, you can tell that this ground would be dangerous to run across. However, perched upon a stone in front of the sunset is a figure, watching you. The stone is easily higher than you. The purple sky has just enough light to cast shadows heavily over the person’s face, but dark enough were the stone is shining—no, something in the stone…twinkling like stars.

“Tell me, Space and Fire. Why do you walk your Path?” Before you can respond, the figure holds up a hand. “Oh, no. Wait. A reason other than the one we all gave. We all know that this time, it’s Our Story…but what is your story? Why do you walk your Path? Because you feel like it’s you who needs to do this? Because you feel it is your Right? That you’ll gain Glory? Because you’re there solely to support someone else? Do any of you do it because you want to help Her?”

The figure stands, though their posture speaks of weariness. “I just don’t get you Mages. There was one who went out of his way to learn, and was striving with great steps. Now he’s gone, and the Mages are nearly silent. Aren’t you supposed to be one who has their fingers in every pot, who knows what everyone else is doing, and working to help them? Or are you too caught up in yourselves to care?” The figure shakes their head.

“Ask the other Paths. Learn from them, know what they can do. Don’t just assume. Get out of your comfy little homes. Time is running short, now is not the time to be staying comfortable.” The figure plops back down into a sitting position on the rock, leaning forward. The lights (stars?) in the rock seem to glow brighter as the figure speaks.

“You are not HIM. No matter what you may think…you are no one but yourself, walking a powerful Path. Don’t let yourself get blinded. If you have information to share, even if it’s been repeated before or you think it’s common knowledge…remember that not all of us started walking the Paths at the same time.

“You are Fire and Space. Burning passion and endless. Use that. Try, fail, try again. Learn something and teach us. Trust the others…don’t let past grudges blind you. We’re mortal, and even Gods make mistakes. Are you strong enough to forgive? Are you willing enough to let the past stay where it is, and work with everyone?”

The stone is glowing in eerie, ethereal light, casting bright light over the field as the last bits of sunlight sink behind the horizon. Blinking, you peer through the light, and find the figure is gone.

“It’s Our Story. How do you want to be remembered, Mage?”
You wake up as dawn peers through the window. This was crafted for those on the Path of Space and Fire by Phoenix Dawn, a Dreamer. It was sent the thirteenth night of February, 1011 M.R. - Aven
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