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A dream I recovered from the now Warlord Cimone of Chimeron. - Aven
Fog. Lots of it. All around.

There's a safe place in the middle, though. You head towards it. Solids about. Good sign.

Ground, you can tell, is beneath your feet. There is a short elf woman there. Now a tall elfin man. Armor. No armor. Blue and White and Black and Green and Red and Purple and Yellow and... Eyes closed in deep concentration. Meditation. Inner calm. Where is it coming from, you wonder, and then realize it's the woman. The man. No, wait... why does this person... now it's a woman again. Why does this sound so...?


The Fifth?


The woman crosses her arms over her chest, hugging herself tightly as her teeth grit in pain. "No, don't do this. Please, don't-!!"

With a yell, the magic seems to be lost. The calm dissipates as you get very cold and where the woman once was standing is the man. He has blackened hair, soft, with a violet streak on the left side of his head. He leans a bit to the right, breathing very hard and his whole body trembling, trying to keep warm. The garb is now a form fitting blue shirt, purple vest, and black pants covered in black leaves, black vines and thorns, and he looks around, a crazed look on his face. The dream-scape has changed, leaving the safe place and going straight to the Mysts.

"I... I want to live." she whispers. He whispers. They whisper.

Blue eyes from the Fifth lock with your own she reaches out a gloved hand toward you. "By Mab... don't leave. Please, don't leave now. You need to find another to carry on, if you cannot do it-" and the sounds of swords ringing and battle in the background over-takes his plea as darkness begins to roll in. "Hello? Gwydion? Masks! Anyone?!" Her eyes are unfocused, swinging wildly from left to right as you watch his attempt to navigate the fog, trying to get away from the darkness that is creeping up and swallowing the Mysts. He changes to she, she changes to he, the changes are coming too fast for you.

"Please, no! Please, stop it, before it's too--!"

The fog covers over the person, and the dream fades to inky darkness.

A blood-curdling scream sets in your ears.
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