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Other stars

I have begun to think there is a connection between myself and the stars of this realm. I am almost absolutely certain they are not as I am, and yet it would appear that in some ways they are. I have gradually become aware of this as I notice that I feel slightly weaker while the sun is up, and stronger when the stars are visibile, especially when the moon is bright. Until recently I attributed it to the fact that I am still adjusting to the concept of days and nights. On perfectly clear nights when the moon is a perfect white circle, I feel almost like I am back in Night Sky. Almost.

This all changed, however, when I ventured into the depths beneath Rhiassa. The moment I stepped underground I felt a dreadful pain in my mind and my soul. It was silence, very much like what I felt when Night Sky was destroyed, but on a significantly lesser level. Further confirmation came when I found myself at the bottom of an incredibly deep cave. I do not think any of us know the exact depth of this cave, nor do I believe we could venture an estimate that was even close. A few adventurers had finished regenerating sometime during our fall, and they recall falling very fast for a very long time. And nobody knows how long we had been falling before they had risen. But let this suffice to say that the depth was extreme. Almost immediately after being raised I collapsed under the same pain as before, only magnified by the depth. It was not until Bright placed his magic light around my neck that I was able to stand on my own and comprehend my surroundings. This is about the time I came to the conclusion that the pain was a direct result of my distance from the stars above. As we worked our way back to the surface, the pain gradually lessened (even more so when Faelin also gave me her magic light), however, I passed out several more times during the mission.
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