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The Druid within Kell took a moment to smell the horror in the air before wading into the wave from the rear, attempting to get to Hunwald and fight alongside the Diskordian. Hunwald was covered in wounds, dirt, even his own blood, but he emerged from the melee that had a been a bloody fight: the three on him were all a pile of pieces. He saw the hell across the field and laughed. "ThAnKs FoR lEaViNg Me SoMe, KeLl!"
"The mage is down!" shouted a fighter, as Hermian whipped his head around to see Ged still on the ground. "Rush them! Rush them NOW!!"
Hermian grabbed the deck of cards and threw it at the closest horde, spraying them with shrapnel and glass as he used nearly a third of the remaining deck. The young mage's thoughts more in a Nimbus-type mode, Ged chastised himself for being weak. Get up get up get UP before they strike us down! "No! I won't let that happen! HUNWALD, USE GWYDION NOW!" shouted Ged, standing to his feet, dragging the staff up beside him. He flinched as though struck and placed a hand on his back. "PARGON JIVA SANTEK!"
"I told you, I won't use your Runes! DISKORDIA!" Hunwald thrust the tip of Nightbringer down into the battlefield, placing both hands upon the hilt. I CALL UPON THY NAME! Cast them all into the face of Chaos, into your sweet Abyss of Madness!"
Colors of all types danced and swirled around Nightbringer as the Servant snatched the sword from the snow and muck. "As YoU WiSh, My FaVoReD," chuckled Hunwald in two voices instead of one. "SeNd ThEm AlL tO mE, dAhLiNg."
As the Servant of Diskordia went berserk, shattering blades and cleaving through armor like paper, Kellerburan fell back to Ged, casting Runic Magic. "Chattur'gha Pargon Pargon Iru Kara!" And soon a shield of flame dances across Kell's body, slipping in and out without nary a singed piece of fur in the face of the new onslaught. His creature still on the loose, one caster has no chance to scream as his throat is ripped out by teeth of burning coals. Kell laughs, the frenzy over-taking him once more as he goes to all fours and charges into one small group of men, knocking them down and tearing off their arms.
Hermian searched through the remains of the deck quicker than the eye could behold, hoping to find the Moon still in there. He drew it forth and readied it, looking back to Ged, curious as to why the young mage still hadn't moved to join the fray yet after that vicious attack on his person. If it were him, he would have left the circle, gone forth and started raising havoc in Luna's name.
Ged, once he had stood up, had closed his eyes. He seemed to be emotionally wrestling with something, his expression going from anger and pain to softening considerably. His eyes were half-lidded when he opened them slightly, nodding slowly.
Ged,thought Hermian worriedly, what are you doing? What head friend is talking to you? He looked back at his card. You, girl. Is Ged going to be okay?
Please, focus on yourself this time. Duck. Yes, like that. Keep moving. This fight is almost over, Hermian, and things can go back to the way you wish them.
What way is that?
That is between you and your goddess.
She's not my... well...

Meanwhile, Ged took the staff and placed it in-between clasped hands, looking as though he were praying. And, in a weird way, he was. "By Sky," he prayed softly, "let those who would harm us be halted. Sky, remove their breath. Take away their air." His eyes opened all the way with a snap, eyebrows down and brilliant blue eyes the color of ice in Kerah-Rhime. "FOR MAB!"
A piercing whistle trilled in the ears of everyone, causing Kell and Hermian to fall face-down into the ground, covering their ears from the noise. It got the attention of all those remaining on the battlefield on Ged as fog shot forth from his circle in his direction. It passed by Hermian in a rush, and it made the fabric on the back of his neck wrinkle as the whistle increased in pitch. Kellerburan's expression was one of pain and shock, however, as one by one bandits and casters dropped dead with no much more than gurgling or choking sounds. Hunwald was too oblivious to notice as he smashed one face into goo with his pommel, laughing maniacally.
The whistle died down as did the fog. A pile of bodies, their faces contorted into permanent pain at the time of death, littered the snowy field. At this, the remaining stragglers that were outside the fog's ten-foot reach turned and fled. Kellerburan snarled and pounced on the slowest runners, making short work of them.
They're... leaving? They're all leaving! thought Hermian. Did... did we win?
"COME BACK!" Hunwald shot like lighting after the retreating wave, screaming, "COME BACK AND MEET IMMORTALITY!"
There was a long trail of fire, as the trees caught a-light and the ground began to singe. Kell dismissed his summon with a quick 'thank you' and cast a different set of Runes: "Pargon Berkano Santek! Grant me a giant's set of lungs so I can huff and puff the flames out!"
As the werewolf quickly hulked out and surpassed the height of the smaller trees, he howled a very long howl, beating his paws against his chest.
Okay, Rel, while I appreciate the help, us being riled up is not going to help the land at the moment.
"Says you,"
snarled Kell out loud. "Saving this Grove, this Place is our job. Let the Betrayer play with his silly magical girl tricks; we have work to do. This battle is not yet over!
Says you,
shot back Kellerburan in thought. Luna, Mother, hear me. I need your help, your strength to break through...
There's the Moon. Toss it to Kell, Hermian. He needs all the help he can get: Rel is a pretty dominate personality and doesn't like relinquishing control when it is someone's first time summoning.
Again, how do you know all this?
You will find out, hopefully one day. All depends on what you will do.
What I will...?
Please throw the card.

Hermian grabbed the Moon card and tossed it at Kell, the card landing unnoticed on the hulking beast's back. He backed up a few steps quizzically; unsure what would happen. Would Luna intervene? Could she? The girl seemed to think so. Did everyone here have a head friend? If so, why, really? Did they ask for any of this, or was it because of need that they were paired as they were? Ged to Rosetta and Nimbus; Kellerburan to Rel and hopefully his goddess Luna still; Hunwald with his crazy goddess Diskordia; and then Hermian... paired with Who and sent by What. No, that was too rude. Sent by Luna. He thought. He hoped.
"Shibi Antorbok Redgemor."
That's not one I'm familiar with...? thought Ged and Hermian as Kell within the Druid's self cast yet again. Not long after, Hermian, Ged, Kell and Hunwald all experienced a drain of adrenaline, and then abject calm.
Oh. thought Hermian. Girl, are you still there?
I am.
What... what just happened? What is the meaning of the Runic spell Kellerburan cast?
You reached him. Find another card to help Ged.

Hunwald staggered, falling to his hands and knees at Kell's cry. The mis-matched eyes returned to the dark brown they had always been, and breath was hard to come by as he placed on hand over his rib-cage under the armor, and drew back an extremely bloodied limb. "Oh... I s-s-see..." he stuttered, as Kell hunched over. The massive werewolf was panting, blood dripping from matted fur.

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