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A fireball exploded from Kell's position, sending bandits sailing. One of them was thrown, quite stunned, next to a tree by Hunwald, two others landed by Hermian. The rest crumbled, quite singed. And yet not a sound came from any of them at all. Not a warning to their compatriots, no scream of surprise or pain (though faces contorted in such positions), nothing. But Ged didn't have time to worry about that right now. "Another wave is soon coming! Hermian! Finish them quickly!"
Hunwald's glave darted out and up for a moment, stabbing low towards the stunned bandit. The scent of blood mingled with charring flesh in the air as a squilch was heard from Hunwald's position.
That's right, just like that. Feel Sky and Space flowing through you. Change your look, change your vision, change your reality. Hermian nodded silently as he grabbed little glowing stars from within his sleeves, setting them dancing on the eyes of the bandits downed by him. Dazzled, they try to stumble about, rubbing their faces and calling for help silently, but no sound issues forth. Now, to your pack of cards. Use them. They are a pathway, they are an extension. Use them.
Hermian does as bidden by the little female voice in his head, grabbing the cards and throws one at each of the bandits, dancing away from the flames of Kell's earlier blast. 'La Morte' spins between the bandits in particular, followed by Judgement. The bandits shudder and then drop like stones, un-moving.
"Now this is more of a challenge! Chain-mail and two dagger-casters! I think they even have their protection from enchanted beings up!" growled Kell with a smile. "Bring it! Chattur'gha Taara Dana Narokath Redgemor!" Kell the Druid made a slashing hand motion to form a pitfall barrier, driving the fresh bandit wave past Hunwald's mound. The chanters (dagger-casters) were caught off guard as their fighters moved without warning as earth and water both were moved by the werewolf in a violent way, the ground crumbling and sinking between them and the rest of their group.
Hunwald carefully awaited the passing of the wave as Hermian took the opportunity to throw another card between the two chanters, the Knight of Coins. Suddenly, the casters were drowning in showers of gold, silver, and heavy lead coins, calling out painfully for help and stumbling into the pitfall barrier. Smooth move, thought Hunwald as he rose from his hiding place, darting up behind the fighters as they advanced on Kell and the Hedge. Stabbing and hacking away with the glaive, he fell upon their line like a lethal shadow. The fighters started screaming for healing, but none came. A wicked smile crossed Kell's face. "Listen to the pigs squeal!"
But Ged was listening to none of that. He wasn't fighting, waiting for any opening the others missed. The casters seemed inferior enough, but Ged knew through Nimbus's influence that as long as an opponent was still living, they were always dangerous. And as if to prove the point, one caster screamed out a set of Runes. "Uly'oth Santek Niru!" and his rain of coins stopped.
What?! That spell doesn't work that way! And it is Ulyaoth, not--
The caster growled and pointed at Hermian, bearing a green robe that was ragged and as plain as a monk's. "You in the mask! I declare you mundane! Feel the power stripped away--"
Ged's eyes narrowed as he pointed the staff at the caster. "Pargon Iru Matsu!" Small jets of blue fire formed around the top of the staff as Ged continued to hold it outward. With a simple thought of Go, the cyan-colored flame formed into a ball and launched itself at the caster.
"Watch it flow, watch it --ARGH!!!" The caster screamed as he caught Ged's attack full in the face. The young mage narrowed his eyes again, not allowing himself the satisfaction of a smile. There was still one more caster to worry about, and Ged's blue eyes locked in on him as he crawled from the coin pile. "You, Rosetta! I declare you mundane! Feel the power stripped away, watch it flow, watch it fly--"
Pargon Iru Matsu. Use the juggling balls in the bag. Hermian nodded silently, drawing the toys and tossing them in with ease at the caster. "You have had your chance today, in the name of--AHHH!" The caster screamed they hit their mark, catching his robe on fire. With a silent snarl, Hermian changed from a 'Masks'-look-alike back to his panther self and jumped a-top the caster in the pit, attacking savagely.
Hunwald hewed their legs from under the fighters, one by one mopping up the stragglers from range, the blood spraying into the trees and the Hedge. Finishing up, he stabbed deep into the shadow of one such tree. A hand and a cry of horror went up, then faded into nothing as red spittle formed on the shadow's lips.
Noticing that some parts of the fire were raging out of control, Ged lifted the staff to point at places closer to the Hedge and the home. "Pargon Taara Matsu! Pargon Dana Matsu!" He chanted as he commanded pieces of earth and puddles of water to respond and douse the fire.
Kell licked a hand and ran it through his hair, taking a moment to catch his breath. "Hey, Ged... you didn't mention how tiring it is to keep this sort of thing up. I feel like I ran a marathon just now!" The werewolf looked at his companion Hunwald and waved, glad to see him still alive. Hermian leapt out of the barrier, switching from panther to jester once more, and with a snap of his gloved hands the juggling balls rose from where they lay and placed themselves back in his pouch. Re-masked, he joins Ged but stands outside the circle, tilting his head as he realized that Ged never once left his spot.
Ged squatted down to rest for a moment, breathing hard and leaning on the staff. "Mantorok Jiva Santek," he chanted, restoring not his body, but his energy to work magic. A sheen changed in the water below him within the circle, and Hermian could swear for a second he saw something else reflected back as Ged's hair changed to dark purple, and the eyes switched over to violet, but for the most part the clothing stayed the same. A smirk, however, replaced the grim line that was once the setting for Ged's face.
Hunwald nodded to Kellerburan as he cleaned the glaive. "Still more on the move," he said lowly. "Think you can keep that Rune of yours going, Kell?"
"Of course I can!" Kell bristled. "Doesn't change the fact that I'm hungry as hell, though..."
Ged stood, brushing himself off and holding the staff with one hand. "Hunwald, you could still use the Runes." He explained Gwydion's Rune again, patiently, as the Servant of Diskordia looked at him blankly.
A figher, stumbled up from the ground abruptly, crying for mercy, repeating "Yield, yield! I yield!" Hunwald's response was to break off the one-sided conversation and hug the man close with a blade through the chest. The man trembled for half-a-second, then slid off the blade into the mud, staring at Ged with a wide-eyed look. "I don't see a need for such magics," he responded darkly, slinking off.
The look of Nimbus melted away to reveal Ged again, a bit more gaunt/pale than before, violet eyes flashing however. Ged winced slightly, but it was done, and necessary he told himself. The smirk was gone, as was Ulyaoth's help from within, it seemed. A look of concern crossed Ged's brow as Kell stated that the third wave was coming up the pathway. Hunwald moved back into the woods, carefully choosing a new hiding spot as silently as the human could.
Hermian ducked back as Kell shouted about this wave having casters. "Seems they're Channelers with Protections, too!"
"Not for long." Ged focused on the two casters with a smirk. "PARGON! NIRU! ANTORBOK!"
The casters continued chanting, and Ged's smirk changed to a scowl. Hermian eyed them from behind his mask, then focused on the fighters. Pulling a handkerchief from his sleeve and tossing it high in the air above them, he watched as his hankercheif landed on one fighter, suddenly wrapped up in a bunch of cotton like a mummy. "Mmph mmph!"
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The rest of the fighters, however, bum-rushed Hermian and Kell. Swords started flashing and slashing as Kell snarled and shouted a cry that chilled all who heard it. And yet the fighting continued. Hunwald knew that cry, however, and once more the lethal shadow rose up behind the fighters and let his glaive fly at their unguarded flank. Hermian threw a card at his feet and cartwheeled away, jumping over and under the swords as they rang out against the ground or each other in an effort not to strike themselves down.
"Pargon Iru Matsu!" Flicking hard with his fingers, Kell sent out sphere after sphere of controlled flames. "Pargon Iru Matsu!"
Smoke poured out of the card marked with a devil, noxious and thicker than fog. Cries of confusion and hurt rose up as Hunwald, unfazed, tore down the flank. Fireballs targeted randomly and the front yard becomes more and more like a warzone of mud, snow, flame and blood. One of the casters faltered, coughing at the acrid smoke filling the area. The other, however yelled: "You, masked one! I declare you mundane! Feel the power stripped away--"
"Hunwald! Casters!"
"--watch it flow, watch it fly--"
Now it was Ged's turn to snarl. "PARGON PARGON IRU MATSU!"
Ged's going to generate a lot of Paradox! Quick, get away from here! He needs to be able to see you to cast Enfeeble Being!
Hermian grabbed a juggling ball and chucked it hard at the coughing caster (as he was easier to hear through this damned smoke). He took the second and threw it at the other caster before dancing away.
"Alright, Diskordia," muttered Hunwald as he turned to Kell's cry. "All you," and he shut his eyes tightly. When he re-opened them, one was bright orange, the other bright green with silver flecks. He heard Ged casting like crazy and giggled. "I cAn HeAr YoUuUuUu! YoUr SpElLs MeAn NoThInG tO mE!" he sang to himself, immediately turning and running to the caster, screaming and laughing like a banshee, an evil glint in his eye. He swung the glaive upwards as he bounded into the fog, a golden sheen crossing it as his voice took on a double, ridiculous pitch of a male and female working together. "DiE dIe DiE dIe! HAHhahahaahHHAHAHA!"
There are screams as Hunwald hurled himself through the fog, ravaging armor and robes alike with the glaive. Ged's ears perked up themselves when he heard Kell's howling. Another wave?! "HUNWALD, GET BACK!"
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