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Kell growled. "They're all casters save two fighters, and the fighters have pikes."
Please don't let them be healers, thought Hermian. He watched the bloody tip of the glaive arc and dance as Hunwald whirled and parried the pikes. Hermian could see even in chaotic state, Hunwald needed help.
"I will rip out their LUNGS!" shouted Kell, snarling. "I will relish every clamp of my jaws around their throats! Let their blood fertilize this place, their meat be given over to the earth!" The werewolf stood on his legs, a fearful hulking sight as the fullness of the Druid had taken him completely over. Or had it? Ged's ears picked up a very muffled, "Pargon Shibi Santek... My apologies, Druid Rel, but I need all my wits about me to help my friends, not just charge blindly into the feast. I might get roasted myself."
Good, the real Kell is back. I was beginning to--
"Rosetta!" shouted a girl's voice. "I declare you mundane! Feel the power stripped away, watch it flow, watch it fly--"
"DaMn! FoR oNcE, tHeY'rE sKiLlEd In PiKe. JuSt OuR lUcK." Ducking back twice, the Servant of Diskorida fled to the side of the flank out of the smoke, trying to use the trees as cover. He is greeted by a caster with a dagger, who bends the knife backwards. Hunwald whirled, a mad gleam in his discolored eyes as he cut the surprised caster down. "No MaN hArMs My FaVoReD!" the double-voice seethed as he kicked at the body repeatedly. "DiD yOu HeAr Me?!--Ooof!" Hunwald was hit from behind and he stumbled forward, pinned between the two fighters. He giggled and swung his glaive, attempting to parry and dodge.
Meanwhile, Ged was flustered, attempting to cast to stop the Enfeeble Being headed his way. Hermian whipped another card at the screaming girl's voice, willing it to find its target. "PARGON! PARGON! ANTORBOK! ARETAK! PARGON IRU MATSU TIER!" Why isn't this working the way I want it to?! Ged's mind race as his heart sank. Would she finish after all, then--
There is sudden silence from the caster, and Ged watches as the card, Knight of Swords, sails on by with ribbons of flesh dangling off its edges. "HAH!" he exclaims, looking at the masked creature to thank him. However, Hermian was too focused to notice Ged's grateful look as he grabbed a small pane of glass from the folds of his sleeve. Flipping backwards, he caught a tree trunk with his legs and stood there, parrarel to the ground as he searched through the dying smoke for Hunwald. Once spotted, the masked creature smashed the glass in the direction of the pikes.
Shards of glass hurled themselves at the pikemen, scratching and cutting as Hunwald wisely went to ground. The pikemen, disorientated, were holding hands over their eyes as the lethal shadow rose up again. "ThAnKs, PaNtHeR bOy!" he called out gaily as he closed the range on the pikemen, smashing the tips of the pikes away with the shaft of the glaive.
A rumble in the grove caught all the combatants' attention However, the rumble became a tremble, and a blazing heat was felt by all, with a slight (immediately muffled) yell from Ged, as a rogue Fire Elemental formed into being over Ged in his circle.
"Ged! Rel, we have to help him, it's that Para-thingie!"
Let The Betrayer ROT, Kellerburan. We have bigger game to hunt.
growled Kell, his calm breaking. "Ged is my friend!"
"It's okay, I'm alright!" called out Ged as the werewolf dashed to his side, assessing the situation with his own eyes. The fire was not burning the young mage, but certainly surprised him. Kell growled, "Forward, then! Now is the time to make some space to fight!" He turned his eyes to the enemy, noting that the numbers were increasing beyond his count, worse than a grand melee during Queen of Hearts. "Need more help, Rel. Chattur'gha Pargon Iru Taara Aretak Matsu Tier! I summon thee to HUNT."
An even larger Creature was summoned by Kell's awesome seven-point summoning, formed of Fire & Earth. Runes of scarlet and indigo glittered over Kell's body as both creatures roared at the on-coming onslaught. Hermian ducked back from the hulking figures, grabbing a piece of long red ribbon from a pouch on his back. Holding out the ribbon lengthwise and throws it forward at the oncoming waves. The creature under Kell's control begins to form more into a recognizable creature: another wolf snarls as Hermian's ribbon tied up the fighters annoying Hunwald. The Servant of Diskordia was deafened by the roar, as he closed hand-to-hand range, dropping the glaive and drawing out Nightbringer, his sword a gift from the drow maiden of Eliastree. It howled from its scabbard as Hunwald spoke clearly, "Sorry, old chap, but since I'm running this show I need you once more. With me!" he shouted as he entered the fray, grappling, slashing, stabbing as quick as he could.
There are too many of them! We need some-- "YES! SPACE! LEAVE ME, ROGUE ELEMENTAL! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR YOU HERE! SPACE RETURN YOU FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!" shouted Ged, hoping it would work. Instead, the fire elemental merely left Ged, thrashing its way down from Rel's front yard, burning everything and everyone in its path. If we save the Grove, then I can repair the damage later, Ged told himself as his ears perked up on Kell casting yet again! Something about Chattur'gha something and then Self--the mage watches in shock as Kell transformed into a mighty wolf-being, and his creature joined the fray as well. There was snarling, fighting, rune-casting, and blood all over the place. It was a chaotic fight, and the Servant of Diskordia was in his element. Every time he was stabbed, however, he didn't falter, laughing like a crazy man as he contorted in ways that were not human, bones cracking back into place as they were broken by maces and magical blows. "WhAt PaRt Of My FaVoReD dO yOu MoRtAlS nOt UnDeRsTaNd?! his voice sneered as he struck down the shocked, the offensive attackers, the running casters.
I need more power, Rosetta! Ged's voice rose to a crescendo. "KARA ARETAK ANTORBOK! KEEP MY FRIENDS PROTECTED!"
Hermian dodged and moved like the air, distracting the foes and dazzling their eyes with more stars. Guided by the Story-Teller, he was a silent antagonist to the fighters especially. Strange enough, every blow that was landed was not much more than ripping through cloth and fabric, and after the first strike (worrisome at first), Hermian found he could quickly and silently repair it. He couldn't be downed, although he wasn't sure about the flames. Hunwald's sword smoked in the places it came in contact with blood; wielded it two-handed across enemies' chests, limbs, faces. Kellerburan bit down hard on the arm of one foe, the summoned wolf creature devouring the rest. The rune for Kara appeared on each, which made Ged smirk. Something right. Good.
There were people screaming left and right, but above the din: "ROSETTA, I DECLARE YOU MUNDANE!"
Not good! "PARGON PARGON IRU TAARA MATSU! ENCASE MY ENEMY!" Ged commanded, but he couldn't see where the caster was! "KELL!? CASTER!!"
Kell leapt over the remainder of the body to start wrecking a path, his ears attempting to pin-point the specific caster. Ged continued to cast an encasement command, but still he heard the words of the caster. He was to be Enfeebled and that couldn't happen now! His friends needed him, and he needed Rosetta! What could he do?!
Have you learned so much from me that you've forgotten your roots, Ged?
"Space, protect me from the magic which is going to try and remove my powers! I WILL RESIST YOUR MAGIC!" yelled Ged, feeling the arcane energy of his protection leaving him to meet the abjury casting and smashing in a cacophony of light and sound outside his circle.
Hermian ran directly toward the loud caster, grabbing whatever he can from his sleeve as he approached: a set of clawed knuckles. Kell clawed recklessly himself through the masses, tossing bodies aside to get to the caster. "WHERE IS HE?!... THERE!!" shouted Hunwald, pointing with Nightbringer before three fighters piled onto his person to tear him down to the ground. Kell's summon howled loudly, echoing off the trees and calling to other creatures in the area as Kell and Hermian pounced the caster, sending sprays of blood everywhere.
"Space, protect me from the hostile magics!" Ged spoke softly within the circle before raising his voice to the sky. "KARA ARETAK SANTEK! I WILL RESIST ANY SPELLS WHICH YOU THROW AT ME! I CAN RESIST ALL MAGIC!"
"Is that your verbal incantation, or just a statement?" whispered a man, stepping out from behind in the shadows as the others were too busy fighting what was in front of them. "I guess I shall find out... Rosetta, I declare you mundane. Feel the power stripped away, watch it flow, watch it fly. You have had your chance today, in the name of the Shield, you will die. Enfeeble Being."
A searing pain ran through Ged's back out his front, generating a loud shout as he dropped to one knee, hands on the ground to keep himself up as the staff fell into the mud and snow. The marks of the Mage upon Ged disappeared, leaving behind the marks of the Hand-Maiden on Ged. A pitiful sight in blues and blacks, his breath came in short bursts, producing small bits of fog as he tried to work through the pain and the emptiness from the lack of Space and Fire. The man moved three steps back into the shadows...
...and chuckled as Wintas Yarwen helped him back onto his horse. "And that, my dear boy, is called a diversion. It matters not how many people you throw at the problem; the more the better, I say. This way, while the dear adventurers are having a field day to slake their blood lust, the Black Star Guild can move in quietly, undetected, complete the mission, and leave just as easily."
Wintas was scowling. "At the loss of many a guild member, all to attack one person?" he mumbled.
"I am the Shield. It is my job to make sure that The Shield never falls, never fails."
"Except that The Hammer is being slaughtered out there, sir, not The Shield," countered Wintas, staring up at Master Jeremiah, so cock-sure atop his black horse. The smirk was so disgusting he contemplated punching the man off of his mount, but he kept his temper barely in check as the Master responded: "Yes, but that is because The Hammer is a tool, and like any other tool, when broken it can easily be mended or replaced. That which does not kill them WILL make them stronger, Mister Yarwen."
"What, no 'boy'?" Wintas snapped sullenly.
Master Jeremiah laughed loud and long over that one. "No, indeed not. I've decided that what I just fought was a boy. You, Mister Yarwen, you have the potential to be someone great, to lead the people and to inspire them to greatness. I can see it in your eyes. That child who houses the power of our Grand Wizard couldn't even remember to watch all sides, relying on his compatriots and his spells to save him. A true Mage knows that the fault and credit always lies with the self; 'tis all about the self. If you cannot protect yourself from all things, from all sides, then you are dead. And thus, you are useless, much like the broken tools. Come," and he turned his horse around.
"We're leaving?" Wintas was surprised as he looked to the few others that were readying themselves for the final assault, Shield and Hammer members alike.
"I've seen enough of what this child can do. I'm not impressed, and see no reason to throw more lives away, do you?" And he smiled that same smirk, as if challenging Wintas to think otherwise. Instead, the Hammer member just jammed his hands in his pockets and strode after the mount in silence.

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