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The Justicars

At times when you interact with the Kal en Dral, it is necessary to speak to the Justicars. The Justicars ask questions. Depending on the answers, the Justicars will make a judgement - but theirs is a recommendation only. Ultimately, the Munuko, or spirits, will make final decision to do or not do something. However, the Justicars will point out things that you may have overlooked, or things you may need to work on. They may suggest another path. They may recommend that you find a different way to accomplish your stated goal. Oftentimes, the Spirits will not respond to a petition without the Justicar's prior review. These spirits refuse to give their names so as to maintain the sense of impartiality.

The Following is a description of these spirits.

A sea serpent. The beast looks as if it could be at least sixty to seventy feet long, cobalt blue, with silver and white highlights. Its eyes are black and bottomless. It nods slightly in recognition. Something about the serpent speaks of wisdom and quiet power.

A short, earth toned, trollish looking figure clad in what looks like polished stone scales. The troll looks more male than not, and carries a staff appropriate for shepherds.

A Phoenix. The bird is roughly the size of a wild turkey, it's plumage shining brightly in the darkness.

A sensible presence. The presence is cold and strong - like an autumn wind, skimming over the ocean. In the air, there is a hint or a little tang of sea-salt.

Summoning To contact the Justicars is the same as contacting any Spirit. You may do so anywhere, at any time. It is easier to contact the Justicars at a True Temple, but then, it would be easier to contact any spirit there. You can use a divination spell to 'power' your call, but any sacrifice of energy would be appropriate - be that a spell, martial prowess or what you are able to provide. Declaring you wish to speak to the Justicars is appropriate, as they will not know you need to speak with them until you do so. You may have to wait a very long time before they appear, depending on the reason you are contacting them.

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