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Lines Beyond the Door

There was a memory puzzle that could only be read out loud by one male and one female, and there were different sets of memories found under the sands beyond the Door. Here's the copies that have turned up thus far since that day.

Script #1
Nimbus: So, what are we fighting?
Rosetta: I'm not sure exactly. The king made it sound like it was some sort of horrible abomination.
Nimbus: Well, what did he call it?
Rosetta: Grugala? Gramacha? It sounded like he was choking on some food when he told me.
Nimbus: Fine. Let's just call it... the Gruagach.
Rosetta: Works for me.
Nimbus: So, I've got my sword and shield as well as my spear. Do you think that will be enough?
Rosetta: It has always been enough in the past, and with my magic I can't think of anything in all of Faerie we can't handle.
Nimbus: Martial before Magic?
Rosetta: After you, of course.

Script #2
Rosetta: Alright, THAT was... extremely painful.
Nimbus: My weapons can't stop it!
Rosetta: It's alright, Nym, that's why I have a second plan.
Nimbus: ...Magic before Martial?
Rosetta: *laughs* Just watch my back and let me at the Gramacka!
Nimbus: Gruagach.
Rosetta: Whatever. It'll be dead soon, anyway.

Script #3-6 (Quad Scripts)
Rosetta: Okay, that didn't work.
Nimbus: CLEARLY!
Rosetta: Fine, I have another plan--
Nimbus: No! Enough of your plans! Let me think.
Rosetta: Are you sure? Might wanna take your coif off before you strain yourself.
Nimbus: Down, boy.

Rosetta: Anything yet?
Nimbus: No.
Rosetta: ...how about now?
Nimbus: We tried your idea, now let me think of mine.
Nimbus: AHH! Where the hell did you come from?!

Rosetta: *laughs* He popped out of your shadow!
Nimbus: What did you say, Masks?
Rosetta: He can't talk, fighter-breath.
Nimbus: Quiet, dagger-face, I'm trying to listen.
Rosetta: *sigh*

Nimbus: One more time...
Rosetta: That's an amazing idea.
Nimbus: That's a terrible idea!
Rosetta: That's not what you said last night!
Nimbus: Hey! That's taken out of context!
Rosetta: Chill out, Nym; it's fine.

Script #7
Nimbus: That didn't work, either. *winces*
Rosetta: That is strange... it was a good idea.
Rosetta: Wait, that was the plan? You need to communicate better.
Nimbus: No, you need to listen better.

Script #8
Rosetta: Alright, so you remember I mentioned that glimmering icicle?
Nimbus: Yes...
Rosetta: And I found it was an outcropping of a something much larger?
Nimbus: Yes...
Rosetta: And I found that it was capable of way more than we--
Nimbus: Yes! Get to the point, Mage!
Rosetta: Fine.

Script #9
Rosetta: Finally! Something worked against that monstrosity.
Nimbus: No kidding. Any chance of it getting out?
Rosetta: No way! We're the most powerful servants of Her Majesty.
*long pause*
Nimbus: Yes, Masks, exactly.

Thus ends the scripts.
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